Popeyes New Yummy-Tori Chicken With Bonito Flakes Now Available At All Outlets In SG

Fusion food is rapidly taking over the food scene nowadays to satisfy people’s desire for unique dishes. And Popeyes has come to crash the party with their new Japanese-Western fusion, Yummy-Tori Chicken Set Meal (S$8.80) available at all of their outlets.

Popeyes Yummy Tori Chicken 5

It consists of two pieces of Signature Cajun Chicken draped in a blend of mayonnaise and smoky yakitori sauce. The set meal includes the new Jalapeño Bites and a drink of your choice.

Popeyes Yummy Tori Chicken 2

Fried chicken is love, fried chicken is life! The chicken didn’t disappoint with its crispy crust and tender meat, with the tangy yakitori sauce and mayonnaise further boosting its flavours.

Popeyes Yummy Tori Chicken 1

I found the yakitori sauce uncannily similar to barbecue sauce. Being a fan of both barbecue sauce and mayonnaise, this combination certainly won me over. While the Katsuobushi flakes (aka bonito flakes) imbued a mild savoury flavour, I found its presence unnecessary as it is largely overpowered by the sauces.

Popeyes Yummy Tori Chicken 3

The Jalapeño Bites reminded me of potato croquette but it had a mild bitterness to it due to the inclusion of jalapeno, coupled with the mushy fillings, it was slightly undesirable on the palate.

Overall, this Yummy-Tori Chicken set meal is worth a try solely because of the chicken. But keep your expectations in check as there really is nothing to write home about.

Dates & Times: Available now at all Popeyes outlets

Prices: S$8.80 per set meal

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