Limited Edition New Bubble Tea-Flavoured Popcorn From Taiwan Now Available At RedMart

We Asians love our bubble tea, there are endless memes that can attest to this fact. With the multitude of bubble tea brands mushrooming in Singapore, I think it is clear there is no end to this intense and ardent love.

Bubble Tea Flavor Popcorn 2

Well, this somewhat frenetic obsession culminated in Pop-Smile’s Bubble Tea Flavor Popcorn(S$3.50). Moreover, this popcorn snack hails from Taiwan, the land of bubble tea no less.

Being quite the boba enthusiast, I was definitely intrigued by this flavour combination and of course had to get a cup.

Bubble Tea Flavor Popcorn 3

Just like your typical a cup of bubble tea, the popcorn packaged in a bubble tea-esque cup. You have your ‘milk tea’ with the lighter coloured popcorn and your ‘pearls’ with the coffee-coloured popcorn — I am loving this commitment to bubble tea.

Bubble Tea Flavor Popcorn 5

Now, time for a taste test. I tried the ‘milk tea’ popcorn first. Each puffed corn kernel is sufficiently coated with the milk tea syrup. A pet peeve of mine is when one gets an accidental unflavoured piece of popcorn. Absolute blasphemy if you ask me.

I have to say the popcorn really does taste like milk tea. There was that comforting and clearly distinctive milk tea flavour. For the ‘pearls’, they possessed a deeper more caramelly note; not so much like tapioca pearls but still quite delicious popcorn.

Not anything near Garrett’s, but certainly a novel addition to the boba universe.

The label does say it is a limited edition flavour, so if you know any bubble tea addicts I’d say there is no time like the present.

Dates: Now Available At Redmart 

Price: S$3.50 per cup