PrimaTaste Wholegrain Laksa: As Good As Your Mom’s Laksa

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Working late again? Busy running errands and having no time to treat yourself to a scrumptious, savoury meal? Fret not.

PrimaTaste has launched a new, wholesome product – Wholegrain LaMian. This new laksa mix contains 51% Superfine Wholegrain Flour in terms of flour composition in the noodles, and comes in two flavours — Laksa and Curry.

With the introduction of the Wholegrain LaMian, tired and time-strapped Singaporeans can indulge in the joy of having a healthier and much more nutritious gourmet food prepared in less than 10 minutes.

Research has proved that wholegrains are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals- aiding digestive health, cardiovascular health, as well as weight management by reducing the risk of overeating.

How to cook an indulgent bowl of Wholegrain LaMian Laksa

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The packaging for this new product features a QR Code which links consumers to online cooking videos that provide step-by-step cooking demonstrations of the Wholegrain LaMian. The instructional videos are available in three different versions – Standard, Enhanced and Indulgent.

Compared to the Standard version, the Enhanced version demonstrates a slightly different method of cooking which produces a more intensified flavour of the dish. Similarly, the Indulgent version offers a suggested cooking method that adopts a selection of extra, additional ingredients to make the Laksa Wholegrain LaMian a truly wholesome and indulgent meal.

The following is a very simple, step-by-step breakdown of the recipe for the Indulgent version, with the inclusion of our own additional ingredients.

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Ingredients (adjust according to how generous you want):

 – 1 packet of PrimaTaste Wholegrain LaMian Laksa

 – grey prawns

 – 1 hardboiled egg, sliced into half

 – cut tau pok

 – coriander or Chinese parsley for garnish

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Step 1: Measure and boil 500ml of water.

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Step 2: Boil the prawns. Sieve the prawns out once they are red and cooked. Be careful not to overcook the prawns!

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Step 3: Add (A) Laksa Paste and then (B) Laksa Premix into the boiling water.

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Step 4: Put wholegrain noodles into the boiling Laksa gravy (from Step 3). Leave to boil for 7 minutes. Stir when necessary.

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Step 5: At the 6th minute, add in the pieces of tau pok into the boiled Laksa gravy.

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Step 6: Stir and leave the entire mixture to boil for 1 minute. Place the boiled prawns (from Step 2) into the mixture just before serving.

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Step 7: Wholegrain LaMian Laksa is ready to serve into a bowl.

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Step 8: Add the sliced boiled egg and coriander leaves as garnish for the dish.

Upon the first taste, I could really feel the smooth texture of the wholegrain noodle. It was thick, chewy, not grainy nor powdery at all, and had that QQ texture. Cooked according to the suggested timing of 7 minutes, the noodles were not too soft upon bite, hence it gave off a slight al dente sensation.

Paired with the respective ingredients we added to this sample of Laksa Wholegrain LaMian, the entire dish truly tasted just like an authentic bowl of Laksa. In fact, the thick wholegrain noodles tastes more flavourful than the usual option of thick bee hoon.

The gravy produced from the PrimaTaste’s Laksa mix was thick and rich in flavour. A taste which is pleasant and delighting.Though a bit lighter, the texture of the Laksa gravy does match up to that of an actual bowl of Laksa which we usually buy from the hawker.

Overall, I am amazed by this new flavour product by PrimaTaste. This Wholegrain LaMian Laksa is indeed comparable to a bowl of Laksa bought from the hawker centre or foodcourt. In fact, it is better in terms of its nutritional content and is ready-to-eat within several minutes. It saves the rushing and time-strapped typical Singaporean, the hassle of queuing to buy a bowl of Laksa.

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Marked with the Healthier Choice Symbol by Health Promotion Board (HPB), the noodles are steamed, not fried. Moreover, the noodles do not have a coarse nor grainy texture that typically associates with wholegrain. Instead, they are smooth and springy, resembling hand-pulled noodles. No MSG nor preservatives are added, and there is no use of artificial colouring and flavouring.

A new recipe and an ingenious way of eating Laksa at the comfort of your convenience and time. PrimaTaste’s new Wholegrain LaMian beats traditions and is definitely as good as your mom’s Laksa.

Laksa Wholegrain LaMian and Curry Wholegrain LaMian is also respectively rated #1 and #5 by The Ramen Rater in 2016.

You can find PrimaTaste’s Wholegrain Lamian at all major supermarkets in Singapore.

Here’s our own short video of how easy it is to prepare PrimaTaste’s Wholegrain Lamian:

Apart from the introduction of the new Wholegrain LaMian, we definitely have not forgotten the other local dishes which PrimaTaste is well-known for. Referred to as Ready Meals, these quick-microwaved, ready-to-eat dishes consist of flavours such as Curry Chicken Rice, Claypot Chicken Rice, Nonya Sambal Chicken with Rice and Beef Rendang with Rice.

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The recipes for the above-mentioned four dishes offer a concoction of splendid, authentic local taste. Each of these local dishes are already a complete meal, with the rice and the respective dish meat available in the packet.

The biggest perk about these Ready Meal food packets is that they can be prepared at one’s finger tips, within 90 seconds through microwaving – consumers can enjoy authentic, delectable and signature Singapore dishes straight from the pack.

With such convenience, it is pleasing to know that each of PrimaTaste’s Ready Meals are rich in terms of its nutritional and health content. Three out of the four flavours are awarded the HPB healthier choice symbol, while all ready meals are made up of 20% wholegrain basmati rice and 5% multi-grains. They also contain dietary fibre, soluble fibre as well as prebiotics and meals are low in GI.

PrimaTaste’s series of Ready Meals are an ideal option for tertiary students and working adults who tend to burn the midnight oil. Isn’t it delightful to indulge in one of PrimaTaste’s delectable and fulfilling dish if caught in such a circumstance? I am convince that one will be deeply satisfied in terms of both meeting his or her hunger needs, as well as having more motivation that spurs efficiency of work.

Both PrimaTaste’s Wholegrain LaMian and Ready Meals are available at select NTUC Fairprice supermarkets. The Wholegrain LaMian is priced at $12.25 for a pack of 4 and each pack of Ready Meal is priced at $6.50.

*This post was brought to you by PrimaTaste