Pronto Prata, Toa Payoh: Giving back to society, one prata at a time

A week ago, I came across the launch of Pronto Prata and, as a sucker of all things involving ‘giving back to the community’, I told myself this was somewhere I needed to head down and support. Pronto Prata is a social project set up by Springleaf Prata Place and The Social Kitchen for a good cause; to efficiently train People with Disabilities (PWD) to man the kitchen and handle the cooking and cleaning. 

Entrance Of Pronto Prata

Upon entering the simple-looking cafe, you will be greeted with a warm, “Hello” by Michael, the ever-friendly wait staff, who will promptly ask to see your vaccination and check-in status on your TraceTogether app before asking if you’re here to dine-in or take-out. 

Of course, I chose to dine in; that’s where I’ll be able to see all the action.

Pronto Prata's Counter

This wasn’t my first time ordering prata; I already knew what I was craving for. But where’s the fun in getting the usual? I decided to take a quick look at the menu and decided to go for something I wouldn’t usually find at a regular prata stall. 

But it wasn’t just that; I was also intrigued about the process that went behind preparing my food and drink order. So, like the intrusive creature that I am, I asked and was allowed into their kitchen to learn more. 

A Collage Of The Automated Machines

To help staff with disabilities, special equipment such as automated machines to make local favourites such as, teh tarik and mee goreng, are installed in the kitchen. 

A Collage Of Michael Making Teh Tarik

Michael With Teh Tarik

Michael then took it upon himself to demonstrate the process behind making a cup of teh tarik where everything was simply done with a click of several buttons leaving him to only “pull” it between two cups to create its rich froth. 

What I tried

Egg Prata With Curry

After being awed by technology, it was chow time. Of course, I had to start off with a classic Egg Prata (S$2.40). Unlike the usual square-shaped egg prata one will usually get, Pronto—much like Springleaf—serves up a nice-looking, rectangular-shaped prata

Close Up Of Egg Prata

What floored me was the thinness of the prata—it wasn’t doughy, almost like a crêpe. Don’t get me started on the crispness of the prata as well. 

Dunking it in fish curry (the right, and only way to have your prata, in my opinion) reminded me of biting into a crispy fried spring roll with chilli sauce. Bonus: it wasn’t oily as well. 


Too many choices, so little time, so I went for the Murtaburger (S$8.50). It also comes as an Impossible Meat (S$10.50) option, but, as a meat-lover, I wasn’t too keen on indulging in the plant-based option. 

A Cheesy Piece Of Murtaburger

The murtabak and burger hybrid is basically two pieces of plain prata cradling a lamb patty with heaps of mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise, and cabbage. At this point, I was already in love with the thinness of their prata so anything else would be a lovely addition. 

The patty didn’t have onions like the usual murtabak, which is a smart move because onions would’ve overshadowed the other ingredients, but adding mayonnaise to the savoury dish gave it a hint of sweetness. 

A Piece Of Murtaburger In Curry

There are two ways to have it: by dipping a piece in fish curry or having it on its own. Both will result in leaving the aftertaste of the well-seasoned lamb—almost too good to wash down.

A Piece Of Murtaburger

Aside from the cheesiness, it also tasted familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it until halfway through the Murtaburger, it finally hit me; it actually tastes like a Ramly burger sans the black pepper sauce, which was brilliant. It was my first and definitely not last so thank you, Pronto Prata, for making my virgin Murtaburger experience a wonderful one.


After indulging in two savoury dishes, I decided to sweeten things up and try their latest addition, the exclusive Prontoast (S$2.50 for one, S$4.50 for two). It is essentially a prata French toast which consists of their signature prata dipped in eggs and condensed milk, and is pan-fried after. You can also add on Chicken Spam (S$1) or Peanut Butter (S$0.80)

Maple Syrup Poured Over Prontoast

Keeping it light, I decided to go with one piece of the original. The dish, almost too pretty to eat, comes with a side of maple syrup and is topped with icing sugar. Personally, I wasn’t that huge of a fan because it ended up being too sweet for my liking. The Prontoast also had a weird cinnamon aftertaste which lingered in my mouth. However, it was a cool twist to the traditional French toast.

Gutted as I wanted to try more stuff on the menu, my tummy had had enough and told me to stop. 

Final thoughts

I love the concept of the cafe, and look forward to more establishments following suit and working closely with The Social Kitchen. The PWD-friendly kitchen was the highlight of my visit; if more establishments presented such opportunities, the world would be a better place. 

A quick chat with their Business Development Manager, Kumaran, also revealed that they are looking to add more Asian fare to the menu. I know this won’t be my last visit here so I am excited to see what’s in store. 

For those of you who work better out of your home, the cosy cafe also has free Wi-Fi and parking. Ultimately, if you’re nearby or looking to support a very good cause, head on over to Pronto Prata for flavourful food and top-notch service. 

Expected damage: S$2.50 – S$10 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Pronto Prata

7A Lor 8 Toa Payoh, Agape Village, #01-01, Singapore 319264

Our Rating 4/5

Pronto Prata

7A Lor 8 Toa Payoh, Agape Village, #01-01, Singapore 319264

Telephone: +65 8856 7119
Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8856 7119

Operating Hours: 8am - 8pm (Daily)
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