New in town: Republic Bar, Marina Bay — Bar that pays homage to the 60s

Last Updated: May 4, 2021

Written by Natalie Tan

Republic Bar in The Ritz Carlton pays tribute to the Counterculture in the 60s, the ground breaking era of freedom of expression and individuality. A metonymy of The Republic of Singapore, this new bar opened on 22 April 2021 and is in the esteem of Singapore’s founding years—a nation finding its footing amidst the tremulous global echoes of liberalisation. It sits on the third floor of The Ritz Carlton, and its interior is embellished with influences of the 60s. Cultural icons are lauded with their posters that fill the walls, preserving the timeless era with the faces of Che Guevera (Cuba’s national hero and countercultural emblem), Qualcuno Da Odiare (King Rat, a 1965 war and historical film) and more. 

Its curated menu of cocktails and eats smoothly fuses the nostalgia of the past with the present modernity, enticing diners to imbibe history through glasses of tipple.

Its cocktail menu paints a world map out of the vibrant epoch. It features a selection concocted with ingredients and flavours that are inspired by historical anecdotes from the four cultural epicentres of importance—Singapore, England, US, and Italy—where you can taste the essence of without travelling back in time or to the country itself. 

Sips of Satisfaction (S$25 per glass) is what one takes when enjoying stout, coffee, and cream all in one. Inspired by the era of rising rock stars, this number will bring you the nostalgia of The Rolling Stones’ energetic highs and erratic grooves. On a sweeter note, Queen Elizabeth II’s kind gesture of sharing her beloved scone recipe with the U.S. President Eisenhower in 1960 is fondly remembered, and immortalised in Queen’s Scones (S$18 per glass).

Also, perhaps, there is no better way to celebrate Neil Armstrong, the first person to land on the moon in 1969, than with Stardust (S$25 per glass). The race to the stars is exhilarating indeed, replicated in the fascinating and intriguing concoction of bourbon, rum, raspberry, molasses, egg white, citrus and pastry charcoal. On a completely different Italian plane, we celebrate the birth of Nutella in the 1960s, downing Carosello (S$18 per glass) as a treat—what Nutella was to children back in the day.

These are merely the tip of the cocktail iceberg, with a treasure trove of stories for you to explore in these drinks. Living up to its name as the global hub where people of all countries meet, the cocktail selection at The Republic Bar celebrates simultaneously the glory of these various cultures in the 60s. Their food menu for dinner, lunch, and afternoon tea are impressively curated as well, with a range of sweets, chocolates & cheese, mains, bar grub and more, infused with local flavour. 

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Price: $ $

Republic Bar

7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799


Republic Bar

7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799

Telephone: +65 6434 5288
Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6434 5288

Operating Hours: 12pm - 11pm (Daily)
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