Resorts World Genting: Still the best family-friendly destination after 58 years

Growing up, Resorts World Genting was the ultimate holiday destination. Boasting its cooler climate, enticing theme parks and casinos (for the adults!), I remember constantly badgering my parents for a trip there. However, who would’ve thought that the chance to visit Genting Highlands would fall on my lap, decades later.

Our trip to Resorts World Genting started in the wee hours of the morning where we found ourselves at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets around 9am. Without wasting any time, we quickly boarded the Awana SkyWay cable car opting for the glass gondola option, right to Genting SkyWorlds. The magnificent view of greenery and mountains was just what we needed after escaping the hustle and bustle of KL.

What we did at Genting SkyWorlds

After a quick 15-minute ride, we were greeted by the splendour of Genting SkyWorlds accompanied by its movie-studio background music. While the park opens at 11am, patrons usually arrive earlier to download the Genting SkyWorlds theme park app. Now, this app is a gift and a must-have when you’re visiting the theme park.

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park - Entrance

With the app, you get to book your place in line with the VQ (Virtual Queue reservations), plan your trip with your group and even store your pictures as you roam gleefully throughout the park. Guests of Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park are invited to immerse themselves in nine uniquely-themed worlds, which are

  • Studio Plaza 
  • Eagle Mountain
  • Rio
  • Epic
  • Ice Age
  • Andromeda Base
  • Liberty Lane
  • Robots Rivet Town
  • Central Park 

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park - App

A quick tip, if you arrive early, is to catch their flash mob performances. Now, on to the rides that cater to both adrenaline junkies and kids, or if you’re like me and struggle with occasional bouts of motion sickness. If you’re an adrenaline enthusiast, be sure to experience the Terraform Tower Challenge, which hoists your entire body up and down. Remember to allow enough time for your breakfast to settle beforehand.

Next up, we tried Independence Day: Defiance which is a 3D immersive ride giving you a glimpse into how you would defend defend Earth from an alien invasion.

Genting Skyworld Theme Park - Rides

Owing to our age and exhaustion, we had to take a break from having our guts shaken up, so we decided to visit the infamous Genting Italian restaurant, Trattoria IL LagoSimply Italian, for some authentic Italian food. We ordered from the new and improved menu and settled on Caesar Salad (RM19), Crab Carbonara (RM33), Pizza Karaage (RM29), Chef’s Recommended Sea Bass Fillet (RM38) and the Chocolate Fondant (RM19) for dessert. Firstly, I was surprised with how the food prices weren’t exorbitant when you compare them to other restaurants inside theme parks.

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park - Trattoria IL Lago - Simply Italian

Trattoria IL Lago - Simply Italian

Now, for the food itself, I’d say, my favourite was the Caesar Salad which had a such strong, peanut flavour that surprisingly wasn’t overpowering. The Crab Carbonara and Pizza Karaage were yummy but didn’t particularly stand out.! One unexpected highlight was the decadent and explosive Chocolate Fondant, which truly impressed me.

With our tummies filled, we went on for more rides, starting with the Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem ride. This competitive shooting game gave our arms a solid workout but it was a fun way to “destress” after the heavy meal we had. The Epic Voyage to Moonhaven will have you grabbing your raincoats and leave you shivering in the Genting chill afterwards.

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park - Night at the Museum

After a thoroughly enjoyable time at Genting SkyWorlds, do you know what we decided would elevate the experience? With the VIP Experience, of course! The Genting SkyWorlds VIP Experience promises an unforgettable journey with exclusive VIP tours designed to provide the ultimate adventure. Each tour lasts for 3 consecutive hours, ensuring ample time for enjoyment and exploration. 

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park - VIP Lounge

As part of the Genting SkyWorlds VIP Experience, their dedicated ambassadors will be by your side, ensuring every moment is tailored to your preferences. They will assist in planning and customising your day, ensuring you make the most of your time at the park. 

Moreover, the ambassadors will regale you with captivating behind-the-scenes stories, giving you an insider’s perspective and enriching your overall experience. 

Psst..on top of their luxurious theme park visit, VIP Experience guests will also receive complimentary popcorn and ice cream to relish!

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Next stop… Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park & SkyVR 

After spending a significant amount of time outdoors, we headed inside to continue giving our heart pills some work. Similar to the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park, the SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park also consists of a healthy mix of adrenaline-inducing rides and mild-hearted ones.

Skytropolis - Indoor Theme Park

Being the brave soldiers we are, we decided to try the Super Gliders rollercoaster which brings you on a ride whilst you’re lying on your back. Having decided that we had enough with “actual” rides, we travelled to a virtual world with the SkyVR rides. Each of these rides is designed to be an immersive experience while you move a mere couple of feet from your seats.

Highline - Dinner

After all that excitement, it was dinner time and we visited the HighLine Roof Top Market restaurant. Upon the server’s suggestion, we ordered the Kamheong Seafood Bucket (RM92), Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce (RM30), Curry Chicken Skewer (RM34) and Kampung Fried Rice (RM38).

Our stay at the Resorts World Awana

Ending our trip with a stay at the Resorts World Awana was the cherry on the cake. Despite being elevated at 3,100ft above sea level, you’d be surprised at how beach-y the resort feels. (Some tourists were even sun tanning there). You would get to experience the perfect blend of nature, leisure, and convenience at this exceptional resort.

Resorts World Awana - Pool

If you’re a traveller who’s into nature trips, you’d be interested in the HAPA award-winning, multi-level trekking experience. We had the privilege of going on this brief but insightful hike.

Awana Resort - Hike Trail

With almost a decade of existence, they strive to protect this magnificent mountain and its surrounding areas, spanning an impressive 15,000 acres. Ensuring connectivity is a priority as the mountains have established reliable 4G networks across the entire mountain range. Moreover, they ensure accessibility for all with their cemented walkways, making it convenient and wheelchair-friendly. 

Resorts World Awana - Sunflower Park

The 3 highlights of living quarters at Resorts World Awana are the Presidential Suite, Executive Suite and Club Suite. Of all 293 rooms in this resort, these suites are the cream of the crop.

Resorts World Awana - Executive Suite

Resorts World Awana - Ayu Awana

To end our Genting trip, we had our final lunch at Resorts World Awana’s Ayu Awana restaurant. We ordered the Nasi Goreng Belacan (RM32), Salmon Poke Bowl (RM40), Roasted Squid (RM35) and the 8-hour Slow Roasted Brisket Sandwich (RM40). The highlight was definitely the brisket sandwich with its melt-in-your-mouth beef!

Resorts World Awana has something for everyone, from tree planting activities to golfing and pools; overall a beach resort without the beach. What’s more, you even get to join in a multitude of weekend activities from archery lessons to fitness classes and even indoor golfing.

For those inclined to sit back and relax, they​​ hold enrichment talks every Friday and Saturday alongside movie screenings. To add convenience and enhance your experience, the complimentary shuttle service transports you to the nearby Genting Highlands Premium Outlets.

Resorts World Awana - Gym 

Additionally, to ensure seamless transfers and easy access to your accommodation, take advantage of their reliable van transfer service. Starting from 1 June  2023, you can conveniently travel to experience the world-class attractions and excitement at Resorts World Genting from Resorts World Awana using this newly introduced service. This service is available for transportation between Resorts World Awana and any hotel within Resorts World Genting. 

Final thoughts

Resorts World Awana - view

Even after operating for 58 years, Resorts World Genting still remains one of the best family-friendly destinations in Malaysia. From the world-class Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park right up to the luxurious stay at Resorts World Awana, every part of our little trip was impeccable.

Scratching your head to choose your next family trip for the school holidays? Resorts World Genting is here, a short, scenic drive from home!

 *This article was brought to you in partnership with Resorts Worlds Genting.

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Genting Highlands

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Genting Highlands

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