First dibs: Ri Ri Cha — Hong Kong-inspired gelato cafe with tea-infused ice cream flavours paired with dim sum

When it comes to ice cream, it immediately grabs my attention. A newly opened gelato cafe, Ri Ri Cha in Chinatown, specialises in tea-inspired desserts. What’s even cooler is the fact that they present some of their desserts in dim sum bowl steamers!

Their desserts are literally plated in the same bamboo baskets that you usually see storing dim sum. They also include really interesting offerings like nian gao waffles, sticky red date cake with ice cream and pi pa gao ice cream… Who would have thought of such insane combinations?!

Opened in the middle of Chinatown and next to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the ice cream cafe’s location serves as a prime spot for anyone seeking shelter from the scorching hot sun.

Ri Ri Cha 1

If you thought that the nian gao waffles sounded familiar, you’re right to make the association of Ri Ri Cha to The Better Scoop. They’re run by the same people! This time, the folks at The Better Scoop have now went up a notch with the opening of Ri Ri Cha, introducing even more original dessert creations.

When I visited, I was shocked to see quite a crowd considering how they are still in their soft launch phase. I guess with the ushering of the new year, Chinatown’s crowd aids with its popularity.

Ri Ri Cha 4

It’s undeniable that The Better Scoop is infamous for their interesting flavours. Pi Pa Gao Mint (S$5.50) and Corn Silk Tea (S$5.50) were new inclusions that I’ve yet to catch at their other outlets. Those who have a sore throat, forget your liang cha, maybe try out their pi pa gao infused desserts and drinks? I heard that clears up your throat.

Ri Ri Cha 2

The first thing that got my attention was the Sticky Red Date Cake with Ice Cream (S$8). It’s served in a circular wooden basket that usually holds Hong Kong dim sum— never would I have thought that ice cream would’ve been served in this.

The unique pairing of sticky red date cake and ice cream is truly interesting when you think of the cake’s sticky consistency juxtaposed to the creaminess of ice cream. Ri Ri Cha takes on the same Chinese flavours that we are familiar with and incorporates them into our favourite desserts— how fascinating.

Ri Ri Cha 3

Next up is their Nian Gao Waffle with a scoop of Ice Cream (S$11.30). I personally enjoyed this very much because of their slightly burnt ends. It also adds another layer of sticky texture while you’re indulging in the creamy ice cream!

If you’re interested in their new creation, they have a seasonal flavour: the Ong Lai Waffle at S$6.80, with an additional cost of S$4.50 for a scoop of ice cream. It essentially works the same as their nian gao rendition, just with pineapple filling that is perfect for Chinese New Year!

Considering how Ri Ri Cha is still in their soft launch phase, the items on their menu are truly eye-catching. I’ve got myself another ice cream cafe to visit regularly!

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Ri Ri Cha

24 Sago Street, Singapore 059020

Ri Ri Cha

24 Sago Street, Singapore 059020

Operating Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 12pm - 10pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon