Woman in Johor charged RM27 for seafood soup with just 1 prawn & little ingredients

A post on a Facebook group went viral recently. A customer in JB ordered a medium-sized seafood soup that cost her RM27, which only came with a few pieces of ingredients.

JB seafood restaurant - Seafood soup in claypot with only few pieces of ingredients

When the soup arrived at her table, it left her astonished, as there was only a minimal portion of ingredients present. In the video that was posted, she had ladled out all the ingredients from the claypot. However, the portion seemed surprisingly meagre — there was only a scant amount of lettuce leaves, a lone piece of prawn, 1 small slice of fish and some pieces of squid

The customer was taken aback by the unexpectedly modest portion of  ingredients, so she reached out to the owner to double check on her order.

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JB seafood restaurant - Seafood soup ingredients ladled out into a bowl

Surprisingly, the owner asserted clearly that it was indeed a medium-sized seafood soup. She then posted the video on Facebook which stirred significant discussions amongst netizens online. She also mentioned that the seafood soup was only available in medium and large portions. According to her post, the restaurant is located at Taman Pelangi, JB.

JB seafood restaurant - Facebook comments

Some netizens mocked that the dish looked like someone’s leftovers. Another joked that it was because the price of seafood increases due to the festive Chinese New Year season. A few of them asked the customer to share the restaurant’s name so they could take note of it.

Would you pay RM27 for this pot of seafood soup? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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