Rodizio Do Brazil: All-You-Can-Eat Brazilian BBQ Meat & Cocktails Near Clarke Quay

All-you-can-eat barbecued meat? Sign me up! Rodizio Do Brazil is an authentic Brazilian restaurant serving up a range of 18 different types of barbecued food, including churrasco meat (Brazilian grilled meat) and a buffet spread.

Located at Clarke Quay, Rodizio Do Brazil offers Set Lunches (S$12++) and Full Buffet Dinners (S$49++) daily.

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Rodizio Do Brazil takes pride in their grass-fed beef and lamb, which have more nutrients, lower fats and fewer chemicals in their meat than grain-fed meat.

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Antonio and Maria are the two main passadors at Rodizio Do Brazil, who are professional meat chefs that are qualified to slice the skewered meat. They’ll come to the tables with a knife and skewers to carve up and serve the meat, so you can sit back and enjoy the feast.

Rodizio Do Brazil seasons their meat with rock salt and cooks them medium rare, just the way I like it done. However, diners can also request for the chefs to cook the slices of meat for a longer time.

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Out of all the meat available, my favourite was the Pork Belly, and their Beef Hump. Although they were only marinated with salt, I was surprised at how flavourful it was.

The pork belly was slightly honeyed and I could taste a hint of five-spice seasoning in the meat, which reminded me of homemade lor bak that my mum used to make. It turns out that the passadors seasoned it this way to cater to our Singaporean taste buds.

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Not knowing that we could consume beef hump, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it. Cooked medium rare, the meat was still quite red. However, this did not deter me from it.

While the passadors were cutting it into slices, I could see the juices trickling out. The hump was so succulent that it melted in my mouth after a few bites. Despite the redness, the beef was well-seasoned and slightly briny. The best part was that it did not leave a lingering bloody taste!

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Traditionally, Brazilian cuisine does not include much seafood. Nevertheless, Rodizio Do Brazil serves up grilled squid, grilled tiger prawns and butterfish for all you seafood lovers.

The grilled squid was served separately from the other churrasco meat as it came in a bowl instead of on skewers. Those looking for something with a local flavour will enjoy the sambal grilled squid, which packed a slightly spicy kick. 

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Rodizio Do Brazil uses the escolar fish, a type of deep-sea fish with large amounts of meat. This barbecued fish was slightly tougher than expected but, it had a pleasantly sweet and buttery taste that reminded me of the fish used in otah.

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Rodizio Do Brazil serves Pao De Queijo (cheese bread balls) that are made in-house. The cheesy bread was crispy on the outside, with melted cheese oozing out of the pastry with every bite.

I liked that the melted cheese had a sharp milky taste, which made me feel like I was dipping the bread into cheese fondue.

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Once I was full, I flipped the tag on the table to the side that reads “No Thank You”, to stop the passadors from filling my plate with meat. But if you’re still hungry for more, you can leave the tag with the “Yes Please” side up.

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Not only does Rodizio Do Brazil serve food, but they also serve up some delicious cocktails.

One of their most popular drinks is the Caipirinha (S$14), which is Brazil’s national drink made of cachaca (sugar cane hard liquor), lime, and sugar. This refreshing sugar cane drink tasted like a mojito sans the mint leaves, and it’s perfect for a hot humid day in Singapore. 

If you’re a meat lover, you can indulge in as much meat as you like at Rodizio Do Brazil. Diners can also enjoy it with their traditional cocktails to hype up their night.

However, it can get a little jelak as everything is seasoned the same wayperhaps they could change up the seasoning for different flavours.

Expected Damage: S$12++ – S$49++ per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 3 / 5

Rodizio Do Brazil

3E River Valley Road, #01-07, Singapore 179024

Our Rating 3/5

Rodizio Do Brazil

3E River Valley Road, #01-07, Singapore 179024

Telephone: +65 6253 8858
Operating Hours: 6pm - 11pm (Sun - Thu), 6pm - 3am (Fri & Sat)
Telephone: +65 6253 8858

Operating Hours: 6pm - 11pm (Sun - Thu), 6pm - 3am (Fri & Sat)
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