Samyang Released New Spicy Chicken Gimbap For Spicy Noodle Fans Now Avail

Samyang has garnered much popularity over the past few years, especially with a plethora of viral videos based on the Spicy Noodle Challenge. To keep up with the hype, they have recently launched their Hot & Spicy Sauces for their fans to create their own spicy meals. Well, to make things all the more convenient, they have now launched Samyang Spicy Chicken Gimbap (₩2400)!

Samyang Gimbap Online 2
Credit – Airfrov

Now, you don’t even need any effort in order to enjoy your spicy meal. The Gimbap is ready-to-eat; packed with rice, julienned carrots, frankfurters, egg and pickle. Of course, the rice and frankfurters are flavoured with their iconic Hot Chicken Flavour for the spicy factor.

Samyang Gimbap Online 1
Credit – Airfrov

For those who are dying to get their hands on this, unfortunately, it is currently only available in South Korea. However, when there’s a will there’s a way. You can submit a request on Airfrov in hopes of someone bringing it back for you. We hear that if there are enough requests, Airfrov will send their employees there just to bring them back to Singapore.

Currently, there are over a hundred requests for this traditional rice and seaweed rolls. The starting price is at S$6, double the original in South Korea.

If there are any of you heading to South Korea soon or know anyone who is, you know what to do. Otherwise, you can always take a little more effort and make the instant noodles when cravings strike!

Dates & times: Available now in South Korea at all GS25 stores 

Price: ₩2400