Seasonal Tastes (Westin): Seafood Night Buffet Every Friday!

“Mouth-watering Spread With Breath-taking Singapore Skyline View”

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Seasonal Tastes, the signature dining venue of The Westin Singapore, offers a magnificent view of Singapore’s city skyline and the South China Sea due to it being situated on Level 32 of the building. The restaurant offers mouth-watering lunch and dinner buffet spreads with a great variety of International and Asian cuisine.

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On Friday nights, dinner buffets get jazzed up with Seafood Night, where diners get to sink their teeth into their favourite fresh catches from the waters. We were there on Seafood Night and considering the array of perennial picks available, seafood fanatics will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Seasonal Tastes Westin buffet Singapore

A spectacular and largely unobstructed panoramic view of the South China Sea through the restaurant’s sweeping floor-to-ceiling glass windows immediately greeted us upon stepping into the dining area.

Natural light flooded the restaurant’s interior during the day, perfectly complementing the classy yet relaxed vibes the restaurant gave through pairing marble table-tops with wooden chairs. The ambience of the restaurant changed subtly when night fell; the orange lighting fitted within radiated a heart-warming feeling of cosiness.

Westin Singapore Seasonal Tastes Lobster

The Chilled Seafood section contained a wide range of fresh catches from the sea, with lobsters, oysters, prawns and even clams. Is the seafood lover in you tempted yet?

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Other than the salivation inducing selection as mentioned above for fresh seafood, Snow Crabs and Local Mud Crabs are also available for patrons to indulge in. We didn’t know just how satisfying tearing off the meat from the crab legs were till we placed it in our mouths. The sweetness of the crab came through in many layers and even after having swallowed it, the taste took a long time to dissipate. Call us amazed.

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How could we ever bring ourselves to miss out on the Boston Lobsters on Seafood Night? Like bees to honey, we immediately flocked over to the selection of lobsters when we saw the vivid orange-red colour of the shells.

Even though it is generally unwise to judge something by its cover, the interior of the lobster did not disappoint. The meat was incredibly fresh, sweet and succulent with none of the rubbery taste that overcooked lobsters have. Major yum.

Westin Singapore Seasonal Tastes Oysters These Canadian Oysters wowed us thoroughly; they had just the right amount of salty taste that oysters are known for. They were creamy, juicy and slipped down the throat easily. The sweet after-taste of the oyster lingered in our mouths even after having swallowed them. Definitely another must-try addition to the Boston lobsters.

Their Clams were also delightfully succulent, juicy and firm to the bite.

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The restaurant also had quite a good selection of salads available, for those seeking a healthier option.

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One heartwarming and considerate gesture by the restaurant was the inclusion of an entire platter of fresh seafood which diners could request for the chefs to grill and season to their liking a la minute.

Westin Singapore Seasonal Tastes Sushi

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There was even a Sushi bar tucked near the end of the restaurant. The selection of sushi available was quite limited and of course pales in comparison to the fresh seafood.

However, in light of how sushi wasn’t meant to be the highlight of the buffet, this could be understood.

Westin Singapore Seasonal Tastes Sashimi

We went on to the Sashimi at the Japanese counter. By the way, we have a friendly tip for you guys when eating salmon sashimi. If you prefer salmon belly, you can ask if it is available. The chef will gladly provide slices of the wonderfully soft and melt-in-your-mouth salmon sashimi to you if they are available.

This definitely lifted our spirits and we were all ready to stuff ourselves silly once again.

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Just located directly behind the Sushi Bar, Seasonal Tastes had allocated an entire section to Tempura. This section is subject to changes every week to keep things different for regulars. Well, change is always good and welcome, isn’t it?

Our favorite had to be the Prawn Tempura. It was thoroughly crispy on the outside but moist and succulent on the inside. When paired with the salted egg yolk sauce kindly prepared and provided by Seasonal Tastes’, it was simply heavenly. Even though the sauce could have been a little more structured by being less watery, the salted egg yolk taste was captured perfectly.

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westin singapore seasonal tastes-cold cut

Seasonal Tastes also had a section dedicated to Cold Cuts.

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Other than chilled and fresh seafood, Seasonal Tastes also presents the option of cooked seafood like Stingray and Sea Bass.

westin singapore seasonal tastes-lamb leg

They even had an entire Lamb leg.

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Seasonal Tastes had a section for Noodles too. What blew us away the most was the Laksa that they provided. The chef who prepares the broth of the laksa specializes in it and boy, does he do it well.

We loved that the coconut milk was not too overpowering; it lent just enough fragrance to flavor the broth well together with another main ingredient of the soup – shrimps. This is honestly a must-try dish in Seasonal Tastes.

Westin Singapore Seasonal Tastes Desert Bar

Just look at that huge selection of desserts which screamed for our attention. We loved that Seasonal Tastes specially set out a large corner of the restaurant to dedicate it to their dessert bar.

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There was an exciting assortment of cakes, tartlets, authentic Italian gelato, sorbet and even marshmallows which reminded us of fluffy clouds. Did we mention that there was also a delicious chocolate fondue which you could use to dip literally whatever you wanted into?

westin singapore seasonal tastes chocolate mousse cake

We all agreed unanimously that the Chocolate Mousse Cake was our ultimate favourite of all the desserts available. The chocolate mousse was surprisingly light and it counter-balanced the sweetness of the brownie base flawlessly. Also, the pairing of the slightly crunchy exterior of the brownie with the creamy and frothy mousse lent an interesting overall texture to the cake.

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We also tried some of the Avocado Gelato and Dark Chocolate Gelato. The dark chocolate gelato was our favorite as it was rich and fragrant. A sinful delight.

Overall, Seasonal Tastes left us fully satisfied with bloated stomachs at the end of dinner. We truly enjoyed the setting in the restaurant and the awe-inspiring views of the South-China Sea and Singapore’s city skyline did not hurt either.

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The dinner buffet does veer on the slightly more pricey side at $82++ per person on Seafood Night every Friday but if you think about it, simply eating a few of the fresh Boston lobsters, oysters and crabs would be sufficient to cover the cost incurred.

Dinner buffets on all other days of the week are at a friendlier price of $68++ per person, plus complimentary per entry parking. Make a reservation today to have a taste of the delights at Seasonal Tastes!

Expected Damage: 

Lunch Buffet

Monday to Saturday, SGD48++ per person

Sunday Neptune’s Table, SGD88++ per person

Dinner Buffet

Sunday to Thursday, SGD68++ per person

Friday and Saturday, SGD82++ per person

Seasonal Tastes: Level 32, The Westin Hotel Singapore, Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina Square View Singapore 018961 | Tel: +65 6922 6968  | Website

To sweeten the deal, from now till 30 December 2016, gather your friends and family and celebrate your birthday at Seasonal Tastes, and have your meal on us, with a minimum of 3 accompanying paying guests. Valid for buffet lunch or dinner, on the actual day of birthday. Birthday celebrants are required to present their identification card upon arrival.

*This post was brought to you by The Westin Singapore

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