Seng Huat Coffee House: Cute $3.80 piglet buns filled with pork chop & crispy chicken at Hougang kopitiam

I chanced upon a Facebook post about Seng Huat Coffee House that’s located just opposite Hougang Mall. It sells adorable-looking piglet buns which are stuffed with various ingredients, just like a burger.

seng huat coffee house - stall front

I’m not a fan of cutesy things like Hello Kitty or Pokemon. Just ask my colleagues, Gillian or Pavin, and you’ll learn that I cringe at them (shudders). However, the buns were acceptable to me as they were neither colourful nor kiddish.

seng huat coffee house - stall queue

I arrived at the kopitiam on a Monday morning, and there was already a long queue forming in front of the stall.

It sells a variety of breakfast items like bee hoon, kaya buns, and your good ol’ cup of kopi o.

What I tried at Seng Huat Coffee House

seng huat coffee house - ham egg bun

I started my morning with the Ham & Egg Bun (S$3.50). Alternatively, you can opt for a Pork Bun Set Meal (S$5.80) which has 2 soft-boiled eggs and a coffee thrown in.

The bun had almost all the details of a piglet— the snout, face structure and 2 tiny raisins to represent its eyes— so quirky, I loved it!

seng huat coffee house - ham egg bun

seng huat coffee house - ham egg bun inside

It was filled with a slice of ham and an over-easy fried egg. There was a drizzle of chilli sauce and over-the-counter mayonnaise on top— don’t expect fancy ingredients like truffle mayo or sriracha chilli here. Seng Huat Coffee House’s chilli sauce was on the sweet side, so it’s suitable for those who can’t take spice.

The buns were soft but not soggy, with a light fragrance of Planta or margarine which was used to grill the bread. The whole combination transported me back in time to my secondary school days, where the canteen served simple buns and burgers.

seng huat coffee house - ham egg bun bite

The ham and egg were nothing to rave about, just simple and comforting. I was glad that the yolk was well-done, so I didn’t have to clean up any explosive yolk— a non-messy affair!

seng huat coffee house - pork bun

I then moved on to their specialty item which everyone was raving about online, the Original Pork Bun (S$3.80). It consisted of a slice of pork chop, cheddar cheese, and was topped with mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

At first glance, my dining partners and I thought that the pork chop was a piece of bak kwa due to its slightly charred surface.

seng huat coffee house - pork bun closeup

After taking the first bite, I was surprised at how tender and flavourful the meat was. The texture of the meat resembled pulled pork because of its stringy insides. It was marinated in something sweet and went really well with the creamy melted cheese on top. The sweet and sour hints derived from the chilli sauce and mayo elevated the taste even more.

Perhaps my only gripe with it was that the pork chop was a little too thin, and I wanted more! That being said, I wouldn’t expect them to serve a bigger-sized piece of meat for that price point.

seng huat coffee house - crispy chicken bun

The final bun I tried was the Crispy Chicken Bun (S$3.80). It had a thick breaded chicken cutlet together with a slice of cheddar cheese, and a luscious spread of mayo.

seng huat coffee house - crispy chicken bun inside

Similar to the previous 2, the buns were soft and perfectly grilled. I omitted the chilli sauce and I immediately regretted my decision. The overall taste of the Crispy Chicken Bun wasn’t as robust without the sweet chilli sauce to lift it up.

seng huat coffee house - crispy chicken bun inside

The chicken cutlet was still moist and the breading was nice and crispy. The thickness of the meat was so much more than that of the pork chop— this option is the best bang for your buck!

Final thoughts

seng huat coffee house - buns

Although I enjoy visiting a fancy cafe or two once in a blue moon, simple kopitiam fare is still my go-to. These piglet buns are not only wallet-friendly, but they’re also delicious and great to have on-the-go.

My favourite bun from that morning was the Original Pork Bun and I highly recommend it— try it and let me know what you think.

Expected damage: S$3.50 – S$6 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Seng Huat Coffee House

811 Hougang Central, Singapore 530811

Our Rating 4/5

Seng Huat Coffee House

811 Hougang Central, Singapore 530811

Operating Hours: 5am - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 5am - 11pm (Daily)