Shabu Sai: Japanese Buffet Restaurant Review

“Shabu Shabu in the East”

As per its 6 outlets dotted all around Singapore, Shabu Sai has proven its favour and value amongst many Singaporeans alike.

shabui sai eastpoint

Testing out our virgin experience at Shabu Sai at the Eastpoint outlet, it still saw a steady stream of customers, even in a pretty secluded mall.

As known for its amazing value, from $16.99++ onwards, customers can order as many sets of their favourite meats available (Sliced US Beef, South American Pork and Brazilian Chicken), with 2 choices of soup bases placed in a yin-yang pot. Great choice to switch up your regular hotpot base and try something different from their 6 soup choices, including favourites such as the Tonkotsu and Sukiyaki Soup Base.

shabu sai buffet singapore

Shabu Sai also incorporates a wide range of fresh vegetables and noodles as per a buffet setting for guests to enjoy. They even have this cute bamboo meatball paste which I really liked. Their wide selection of vegetables were placed amidst cooling mist, pretty much an intriguing way to retain the coldness and freshness.

Also, there was a sauce bar present where guests could mix and match their own ponzu/radish/sesame sauce amongst others, to create their own unique concoction.


Guests can order as many trays of meat as you would be able to stomach, and the generous portions and quality was certainly well worth it for the price. Such value is almost unmatched here in Singapore, and their buffet standard was pretty good, to say the least.

I liked the Tonkotsu base we chose very much, with a consistent milky finish complete with a robust flavour. It didn’t taste much like a MSG laden factory-made soup as per many buffet establishment, and reminded me of the soup base of a typial Japanese Ramen shop. Of course, it got tastier after rounds and rounds of added meat and vegetable, and the end product was seemingly on par with authentic Japanese restaurants.

Also, the Sukiyaki soup base was pretty tasty, although bordering a little on the salty side. It was altogether quite pleasant, and went really well with the sliced beef. It was the better choice to soak your taupok, vegetables and such in, with its semi-light soy sauce base.

shabu sai buffet american beef

The fatty, US Beef was a great choice, sufficiently marbled with juicy fat on its sidelines. The meat was tender and soft, and together with the sukiyaki base, made an excellent pairing.

shabu sai japanese buffet pork

South American Pork. The meat still managed to be rather tender despite a pretty lean cut, and it was quite chewy and light, but still retaining a firm bite. The pork absorbed the different soups pretty well, and went well with both the tonkatsu and sukiyaki bases.

shabu sai singapore buffet chicken

Brazilian chicken. The chicken was really fresh and tender, and was, for me, the most delectable amongst the rest. With its succulent flesh laced with a slight layer of fats, it proved to be quite light and easy to eat.

Shabu Sai also presents a dessert and drinks bar, where guests can enjoy a free flow of soft drinks and soft serve ice cream.

Overall, Shabu Sai’s amazing value makes it definitely worth a visit, in its many outlets around Singapore. Not to mention, we could have a balanced meal too, with all that vegetables available. Well, if you can get past the trays and trays of meat you’ll fill your stomach with first. Do note that there is a 70 mins limit for lunch, and 90 mins limit for dinner.

Expected Damage: Weekday Lunch $16.99++ ; Weekday Dinner $24.99++ | Weekend Lunch $19.99++ ; Weekend Dinner $29.99++

Shabu Sai: 3 Simei Street 6, Eastpoint Mall #03-06, Singapore 528833 | Tel: +65 6636 3121 | Website

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