Squishable Shiba Inu Marshmallows Too Cute To Eat Now Available In Japan

Shiba Inu Marshmallows ONLINE 1

Japan has bestowed yet another gift to us in the form of Shiba Inu Marshmallows (JP¥1,296). With nine individually-wrapped cute faces staring back at you, it’s impossible not to smile.

I have to say, this definitely feeds my growing obsession with endearing dog videos.

Shiba Inu Marshmallows ONLINE 6

Not only are these marshmallows printed with those lovable Shiba Inu faces, but you can also squish them. A-dog-rable you say? I’d say so too.

Shiba Inu Marshmallows ONLINE 4

It only gets better: these marshmallows are filled with a yummy chocolate paste.

If you are having a ruff day, I’m sure these Shiba Inu marshmallows will brighten your day!

Unfortunately, these charming little nuggets are not available for international shipping at the moment. However, intrepid Shiba Inu enthusiasts will surely find a way. I guess that means there’s all the more reason to pay Japan a much-needed visit.

Date & Time: Now available from their website here

Price: JP¥1,296 for a box of nine