5 Reasons Singapore’s McCafe is Now Comparable to Local Cafes

Hands up if you thought McDonald’s was only good for three things i.e burgers, nuggets and fries. We sure did. That was until we spent the afternoon checking out the McCafé at Suntec City, one of fifty outlets that are currently dotted around Singapore.

Not only did we learn a lot about coffee, we were also pleasantly surprised with just how seriously McCafé takes its beans. Here’s a few surprising things we learnt during our visit that puts McCafé into serious contention with our local cafes in Singapore.

1. The baristas are highly skilled



The team at McCafé undergo serious training before gaining barista status. I’m talking 100 hours of hard work in store, plus an intense masterclass to further hone their coffee making skills. That’s a lot of milk frothing to get through. This barista bootcamp clearly pays off as our coffee was good, surprisingly good.

We got to try our hand at making a latte, and it’s really no simple feet getting every element of your coffee right.

2. They take their beans seriously

mcd barista-3951

The McCafé team only uses the 100% Arabica beans they can get their hands on. Having drunk so much of the stuff we got caffeine shakes, it’s safe to say we thoroughly enjoyed the smooth dark chocolate aftertaste that, for me, is now synonymous with McCafé coffee.

3. Their coffee art is seriously cool

mcd barista-3964

Want a duck in your coffee? Or maybe an owl? Or maybe a 9 tiered tulip? We were seriously impressed with just how creative our barista’s could get with the latte art. Next time you visit why don’t you put them to the test to see what they can come up with (provided there’s no long queue behind). It’s a lot harder than it looks to create these coffee masterpieces – we tried, and we failed! The intense barista training clearly pays off when it comes to creativity.

4. Their sweet treats are delicious too…


Brought in from France, the undisputed home of the finest patisserie, McCafé delivers seriously sinful tarts and macarons that make a delicious accompaniment to any coffee break. We can vouch for the citrusy sourness of the lemon tart, and the chewy, delicate macarons. Yum.

With an increase in their food repertoire, McCafé ups their game on serving quality light snacks in addition to great coffee.

5. There are some unusual surprises on the drinks menu


Everyone loves a red velvet cake, right? Well, now you can drink it in the form of a latte or frappe at McCafé. If you’ve got a sweet tooth we recommend the frappe, packed with tiny Oreo pieces this is a naughty but nice alternative if you feel like branching out from your usual cappuccino.

There you have it, there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to coffee at McCafé. Next time I’m in need of a coffee break I’ll be swinging by to pick up a seriously good cup of Joe complete with awesome latte art.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with McDonald’s Singapore