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Gallontea Sippy Mask Makes Sipping On Bubble Tea a Breeze While Staying Safe

Last Updated: September 30, 2020

Written by Felicia Koh

Even with local COVID-19 cases heading on a downward trend, precautionary matters should still not be taken lightly. In the face of the global pandemic, we are adapting ourselves to what we now call everyday life—masking up, social distancing, and SafeEntry tracking

Social distancing is not that difficult and SafeEntry tracking has never been a problem since I downloaded the SingPass application. The problem lies in having to mask up. How can I ever enjoy sipping on my cup of icy cold beverage while strutting down the streets ever again?

The people at the Philippines-based bubble tea store, Gallontea might have felt the same and thus came up with an ingenious invention: a mask with a straw opening. 

Named the Gallontea Sippy Mask, this facemask is a combination of function and looks altogether. Made with 3-ply microfibre fabric, Gallontea Sippy Mask is sleek black in colour with one distinct feature—a silicon button with an opening large enough to fit a bubble tea straw!

Adding onto its safety feature is a nose strip wire to ensure that the mask fits perfectly on your face and a pocket filter for that extra layer of protection; bonus points for being considerate here. 

It’s a pity that these Sippy Mask are only available for bubble tea fans in the Philippines. To my fellow bubble tea aficionados stuck in our sunny island, let’s hope that one of the bubble tea players out there will take inspiration from their design and create something for us as well!

Dates & Times: N.A

Prices: Available free with a minimum of PHP1,000 (~S$28) spent at Gallontea Philippines

Price: $


1325 F Ma Guerrero Tondo Manila 1012, Manila, Philippines 1012



1325 F Ma Guerrero Tondo Manila 1012, Manila, Philippines 1012

Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 6pm (Daily)
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