Skirt & Dirt: Hawker burgers with thick & juicy beef patties sold for $8 in Tiong Bahru

I have never been much of a fan of the heart disease inducing handheld American fare known as burgers. Often presented in a hefty construction with a side of deep fried fries, burgers are a  food item I generally stay away from. Case in point, those from Skirt & Dirt in Tiong Bahru are much easier to chow down on without an excessive amount of greasiness.

skirt & dirt - storefront

When I do have burgers, I usually get them from popular fast food joints. Although I am aware of several hawker stalls offering quality burgers and western mains, it was my first experience at such a food spot.

What I tried at Skirt & Dirt

skirt & dirt - cheese burger

I was immediately drawn to the Cheese Skirt Burger (S$8). Its eye-captivating cheese skirt is exactly what you would be expecting… like literally, a skirt. Instead of a boring ol’ square-shaped cheese slice, the chef behind the brand grilled cheese and formed it into a circle. Its resemblance to a ‘skirt’ is uncanny. 

With uncontrolled eagerness, I immediately broke off some cheese and tried it. I loved its savoury flavour which is the main characteristic of well, cheese. The effect of grilling introduced an addictive charred and smoky fragrance. 

skirt & dirt - cheese skirt closeup

The grilled cheese is then carefully placed under what looked like a hefty beef patty. First impressions wise, I thought ‘’what a huge patty!’’. However, my eyes dimmed as soon as I tore the top bun away. In comparison to the bun size, the beef patty only made up slightly more than half of its size.

skirt & dirt - beef patty

I loved the thickness of the well-seasoned patty. Coupled with the fine mince used, its juiciness was well contained within the disc. There was a slight hint of onion although I was unable to spot any onion bits within the meat.  I’d also like to share that the mince melted in my mouth like succulent braised beef. Divine!

I love barbecued food. The beautiful dark brown char-grilled marks imprinted onto the meat were testament to a good barbecued patty. 

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Overall, I felt that the cheese skirt element does indeed spark a sense of excitement in first-time diners. Also, the taste of cheese usually gets overpowered by the meat patty used which wasn’t the case here. However, I would rather go for a burger that focuses on its meat components. 

skirt & dirt - dirt fries

To make it a combo, I paired my burger with a side of Dirt Fries for an additional S$3. I mean, who doesn’t fancy loaded fries? Generously seasoned with cajun powder and dressed with nacho cheese sauce, I found myself poking at the fries throughout my entire meal. 

The pile of fried goodness topped with bacon bits, diced pickles and hot peppers differentiate the Dirt Fries from conventional Cheese Fries. These small elements threw in salty and spicy flavours which I love.

skirt & dirt - truffle burger

Now, onto my second meal. I was craving for some truffle flavour and was pleased to find the Truffle Mushroom & Rockets Beef Burger (S$8) on the menu. A wider selection of ingredients were used for this hefty construction.

skirt & dirt - truffle burger halves

Apart from the same thick and juicy beef patty used, sauteed mushrooms, truffle mayo, American cheese and rocket leaves were also added in. How happy was I to see the beef patty used in this particular burger! It was substantially larger and made a perfect fit with the buns used.

While the sheer amount of ingredients used may be overwhelming for some, I enjoyed the combination of mushrooms, truffle and beef flavours. There was also a balsamic glaze but I was unable to taste it. 

skirt & dirt - cheese fries

I topped up S$2 to pair this burger with Cheese Fries which came liberally drizzled with nacho cheese sauce and mayonnaise. Considering its price, I discovered the side dishes to be quite worthwhile.

skirt & dirt - onion rings

There’s also a wide selection of side dishes that diners can choose from when ordering any of their western mains. Unfortunately, only the fries options are available for burgers. And so, I ordered an additional plate of Onion Rings (S$4)

The dish came in a jiffy and every piece was perfectly crisp. I finally found a use for the chilli packs that were served with the burgers earlier. I felt a satisfying crunch when biting into these rings which contained a fluffy and distinct onion taste within. 

Final thoughts

skirt & dirt - several items

My first attempt at trying hawker burgers was not too bad! I enjoyed the creative spin from the team on the calorie-loaded handheld grub. However, as one who thoroughly enjoys her meat, I’d be willing to spend a little more on burgers that offer superior meat quality and quantity.  

Expected damage: S$8 – S$11 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Skirt & Dirt

30 Seng Poh Road, Tiong Bahru Food Centre, #02-66, Singapore 168898

Our Rating 4/5

Skirt & Dirt

30 Seng Poh Road, Tiong Bahru Food Centre, #02-66, Singapore 168898

Telephone: +65 8434 0119
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 8pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8434 0119

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 8pm (Daily)
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