Soup Dayz: Individual hotpot featuring 15 flavours like green pepper & special creamy mala soup with over 60 ingredients

As Chinese regional cuisine dominates Singapore’s food scene, you’ve probably seen at least 1 or 2 mala soup places in the malls you frequent. So what makes Soup Dayz, found in the basement of United Square (B1-03) at Novena, stand out from the others?

soup dayz - stall front

soup dayz - ingredient selection

Well, for starters, Soup Dayz provides a vast array of 60 ingredients, granting you the freedom to mix and match to your heart’s content; the possibilities are endless.

soup dayz - ingredient selection closeups

Choose between a myriad of Vegetables (S$1.80 per 100g) with over 15 varieties (it’s eye candy to vegetarians) like you mai cai and emperor sprouts. If you like, you may add some Mushroom & Balls (S$2.50 per 100g), Meat (S$2.60 per 100g) and Seafood (S$3.20 per 100g); do note that the minimum amount to take is 250g.

Next, you’re offered an extensive selection of 15 spicy and non-spicy soup and dry bases from (S$1.20 each), giving you the ideal companions to complement your one-of-a-kind pot of gold.

soup dayz - taking condiments

soup dayz - condiments

Of course, what is a hotpot without condiments, right? Don’t forget to head on to the mini section where they offer sesame sauce, lao gan ma chilli, fresh coriander, and something peculiar; fried chickpeas— interesting indeed!

Soupdayz - beer promotion
Credit – Soup Dayz

If you enjoy having beer with hotpot, Soup Dayz offers Sapporo, Asahi, Terra, Orion and Hite at just S$8 a bottle or get a Bucket of 5 for just S$35!

What I tried at Soup Dayz

soup dayz - green pepper soup

We started things off with the Green Pepper Soup. Ingredients-wise, we chose green spinach noodles, quail eggs, prawns, fish, baby corn, spinach and fish dumplings to go with it.

soup dayz - green pepper soup closeup

Silly me, before tasting this dish, I was under the impression that the Green Pepper Soup was actually predominantly made out of green capsicum, but it turned out to be Sichuan green peppercorns instead.

My tongue was welcomed by a silky, creamy broth that swiftly gave way to an instant spicy jolt. After savouring a few bites, the full impact of the numbing effect from the green peppercorns became evident, creating a truly immersive multi-sensory experience!

soup dayz - green spinach noodles

The spinach noodles had absorbed the flavourful broth like a sponge and it was so satisfying to slurp them up as they released bursts of spicy soup while I bit down on the silky strands of dough.

soup dayz - prawns

The fish dumplings and quail eggs were delightful while the prawns, firm and fresh.

soup dayz - creamy mala

The Special Creamy Mala Soup stood out with its captivating orangey-yellow tone, acting as the perfect vessel to soak up the pieces of pork belly, luncheon meat, potato, Chinese cabbage, sweet potato noodles and black fungus. The colours were popping, all thanks to our impeccable selection (I would flip my hair if it was longer).

soup dayz - closeup of creamy mala broth

As always, I dived straight in for a taste of the broth. Unlike typical mala soups which hit you almost immediately with robust spices and heat, the Creamy Mala Soup began with a lusciously-rich flavour. Then, similar to the tortoise in the race, the numbing effects started to make its presence known gradually; slowly but surely.

soup dayz - meat ingredients

The pork belly slices were tender and featured a well-balanced ratio of fat for added flavour. I also relished the comforting luncheon meat pieces, their savoury essence complementing the velvety mala broth impeccably.

soup dayz - sesame dip

My expression brightened as I dipped the pork belly into the sesame sauce. The nutty and intense flavour was beyond any description. When combined with the citrusy coriander and crispy fried chickpeas, it enticed me to dip every single ingredient into the mixture.

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soup dayz - sweet potato noodles

If you love the addictive chewiness of mochi, you will definitely be hooked on the thiccc strands of sweet potato noodles. They were broader than fettuccini and added loads of texture.

soup dayz - pickled veg soup

After enjoying 2 creamy soup bases back to back, I was glad I moved on to the Pickled Veg Soup, which provided some respite to the richness of the other 2 broths.

soup dayz - salted veg soup closeup

Amid sips of the refreshingly tangy broth, I encountered morsels of salted veggies. The soup carried the reminiscent sourness and brightness of my grandmother’s delectable salted vegetable duck soup, with an added touch of creaminess.

soup dayz - noodles

The crisp long cabbage pieces offered a pleasing contrast to the silky flat noodle strands. The lotus root slices, cooked to retain a slight crispness, further added to its textural delight.

soup dayz - beef balls

I was pleasantly surprised by the burst of flavour and the slight chewiness of the beef balls. They unquestionably shone as one of the standout ingredients in the bowl.

soup dayz - sour spicy

soup dayz - soup

The Sour Spicy Soup was much creamier than I had anticipated. It also had an impactful taste which was more intense than the Special Creamy Mala Soup. We selected rice cakes, yee mee, tau pok, egg beancurd, shiitake mushrooms, winter melon and otah fishcakes.

soup dayz - egg tofu

Confusion struck us as we discovered tiny fried tofu pieces.

“Did we take them earlier?” I thought to myself.

Upon biting into them, I quickly recognised that the Soup Dayz staff had ingeniously sliced and fried the egg tofu tube. This metamorphosis resulted in delightful, pale golden nuggets with a silky, eggy centre; I was impressed!

soup dayz - otah fishcake

The pieces of otah fishcake were mildly spiced, but when combined with the flavourful broth that was absorbed by it, they melded into a medley of smoky and spiced nuances, elevating the experience.

soup dayz - ball

Another star ingredient was the fish ball roe, cleverly camouflaged as unassuming teardrop-shaped fishballs. With a surprising burst, these balls revealed a juicy and cheesy lava centre, increasing its shiok factor.

Final thoughts

soup dayz - overview

Upon our visit to Soup Dayz, we realised we had barely scratched the surface on what they have to offer. Each soup base that we sampled possessed its own unique and distinct characteristics.

Among them, I found the Sour Spicy Soup and Green Pepper Soup particularly captivating, while my dining companions leaned towards the other two flavours. Regardless of your spice tolerance, whether you’re a dedicated spice enthusiast or a devoted laksa lover, Soup Dayz undoubtedly has a soup base to suit your palate.

To enjoy Soup Dayz at the comfort of your own home, click here.

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Expected damage: S$6 – S$16 per pax

Soup Dayz (United Square)
101 Thomson Road, United Square Mall, #B1-03, Singapore 307591
Opening hours: 10.30am to 9pm

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Soup Dayz.

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Soup Dayz

101 Thomson Road, United Square Mall, #B1-03 , Singapore 307591

Soup Dayz

101 Thomson Road, United Square Mall, #B1-03 , Singapore 307591

Telephone: +65 8503 3989
Operating Hours: 1030am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8503 3989

Operating Hours: 1030am - 9pm (Daily)
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