FAQ: Policy on Receiving Sponsorship

My company would like to invite you to our restaurant for a tasting OR we would like to send you a media gift. Will we get a feature in return?

For free sponsorship of restaurant meals, event invitations or products in-kind, SETHLUI.com does not unequivocally promise any writeup or social postings, positive or otherwise. Content that we deem as interesting enough for our readers will have a higher chance of being published (we do try to write a review for every single media tasting we agree to go to). Caveat: Invited sponsored meals that are deemed really bad will not get published, and we will advise owners on what to improve as well as inform them of our decision not to write an article on said restaurant. These are quite rare unicorn-like incidences though and probably only happen once or twice a year.

Is our restaurant guaranteed an amazing, out-of-this-world review if we sponsor you a free meal?

Merchants who expect a 100% positive and raving review purely because they sponsored a meal or product will have to look for freebie opportunities elsewhere instead. Perhaps cook for your neighbor?

Can our company make changes to your article about us?

Articles based on sponsored products/events are not subject to any merchant’s editing and is based on our own honest first-hand review along with our  personal choice of details. This is the risk of getting free/sponsored publicity and in place unless agreed upon beforehand. The only exception is if the facts are wrong – we will make the edits accordingly when highlighted. Merchants can put in a request, but we have no obligation to present any additional information.

Are you paid for your review articles?

Unless specifically indicated, most of our articles are sponsored but not paid for, and still subject to our honest, no-bullshit policy (this is the same case for most mainstream media too). That said, we still need to make a living and you will see the occasional paid advertorial to feed our starving editors.

If your meal is sponsored, wouldn’t you be biased?

Simply put, no. Why? Firstly we have a duty to our readers to be honest, which is why our site has such high credibility. Secondly, because we receive SO many sponsored requests each week due to our site’s high readership, we really can’t be bothered to make sure every restaurant gets a happy ending and we all live together happily ever after. We only promise that restaurants get what they deserve and our readers don’t go to a recommended place that sucks.

How long does it take for you to publish an article?

Article publishing lead time for our site is usually 3-4 weeks due to the high demand received, however this is subject to the editor’s discretion and urgency of promotion. We would advise merchants not to invite us for any flash promotion that ends within the next couple days as there is a publishing queue for articles unless we agree to prioritize this new promotion ahead of others. If you are not patient enough to wait 3 to 4 weeks, please do not consider us as well. We really do not appreciate being pushed for a writeup deadline we’re doing for free.

Can we do a giveaway with you?

We’d normally only do giveaways with clients. Unless its a super amazing giveaway that’s valued quite highly (e.g air tickets), we’d have to pass.

How will I know if you published an article about our company?

You’ll have to check out our website or facebook page to be informed – it’s not our duty nor obligation to inform merchants whenever we write about them as there are a gazillion restaurants we write about and we do have other more pressing issues at hand.

Is Seth Lui a real person? Why are some articles written by other people?

SETHLUI.com is a blog + online magazine hybrid site founded by Seth Lui, who at that point didn’t have very creative naming ideas. As such, not every single content is written by Chief Editor Seth Lui, as you will notice from the various credited authors at the top of each article.

Can I invite Seth Lui to our event?

Yes. But. Seth does not promise a personal appearance to every event as he has yet to master the kagebunshin no jutsu (shadow clone technique). Our capable staff writers will likely make an appearance in his stead.

How do I engage SETHLUI.com to do a paid advertorial?

If merchants would like to review the article draft or influence the angle of the article, add in details etc merchants are required to buy into our advertorial package. Interested parties can contact us regarding advertorial campaigns via email. Merchants  who are willing to pay our advertising rates will have rights as a paying client to change the content. Paying in donuts/chicken rice/pizza/vouchers is not considered ‘payment’ as we can’t pay our internet bill with said products, can we?