Slurp on Shiok-ah-ccino, Starbucks’ version of our beloved yuan yang

Nothing screams more shiok, than that satisfying slurp of your drink in this constant sweltering heat—just one of those Singaporean things. As National Day approaches, we have the Shiok-ah-ccino that graces Starbucks’ menu, back on 22 July 2021. It’s a deliciously zhng-up (upgraded) yuan yang, that, I don’t know about you, but, I for one, would succumb to during my next Starbucks visit.

Credit – Starbucks Singapore

A blend of their signature coffee and hojicha tea, topped with yummy whipped cream and Merlion Bearista chocolate topper, your Shiok-ah-ccino (S$8.50 for tall, S$10.20 for venti) is a palatable drink that screams festivities. This mix of bittersweet notes, nuttiness and creamy, chocolate flavours is what we all need for a little cheer during a tough week or day. Also, why get Tall when you can order their Venti, which comes with a complimentary SHIOK! Spoon? Nothing spells out our local spirit more than our love for freebies.

Shiok-ah-ccino: Neopolitan Frappucino
Credit – Starbucks Singapore

If you’ve never had any of their secret menu drinks, you’ve been missing out but hey, it’s never too late—not when it’s the Neapolitan Frappuccino (S$8.50 for tall) that’s an ice-cream favourite. Starbucks’ rendition of this classic takes the form of layers of mocha, strawberry sauce and vanilla bean powder mixed with ice and milk and finished with lip-smacking goodness of whipped cream, mocha sauce drizzle, and oh, crunchy waffle topping. Yes, it’s like the three-coloured ice cream we dig trenches out of Magnolia tubs, except, better.

Shiok Food
Credit – Starbucks Singapore

The fun doesn’t end yet, as the SHIOK! Food counterpart is here to slay our taste buds as well. Local spins on cakes and pastries, heartwarming and nostalgia-inducing, are always welcome. All sweet tooths would be satiated without feeling the guilty after-dessert plague with a slice of Orh Nee Cake (S$7.50 per slice)—layers of soft sponge cake punctuated with a toothsome mix of creamy taro yam paste and coconut cream.

Shiok Food1

The heavyweight, Milo Dinosaur Cheesecake (S$7.50) of course, makes an appearance, as a representative of all things we love: a thick, indulgent cup of Milo Dinosaur at our usual prata joints and cheesecakes. If you have Chinese dessert leanings, the Mango Sago Cake (S$7.50 per slice) hits the spot.

This festive-in-a-cup Shiok-ah-ccino is here for a limited time only, as its fifth-consecutive yearly appearance. Amidst the upcoming grand showing to celebrate our National Day, honestly, nothing is still more emblematic than an icy cold drink fix that leaves us with a sigh of contentment. Shiok. 

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