Impossible™ Meat Is In The New Stuff’d x Impossible™ Foods Collaboration This July

Last Updated: July 8, 2019

Written by Oh Qian Yi

Steadily rising as the healthiest stop for wraps and bowls, Stuff’d is now going greener than the bearer of the green logo (if you catch my drift).

In their latest collaboration with Impossible™ Foods, you can now opt to have Impossible™ Meat to replace the regular beef con carne or chicken.

This collaboration features a tag-team effort to create flavourful super foods that supplement the right amounts of nutrients, all while saving the earth.

The team at Impossible™ Foods have manufactured a protein that tastes exactly like meat, but isn’t quite made up of meat! You can read up on the science behind the Impossible™ Meat here.

Stuff'd X Impossible Foods Impossible Meat 2

Herein begins our trip down to our nearest Stuff’d and we saw that they had updated their menu options.

Stuff'd X Impossible Foods Impossible Meat 1

Accommodating an extra slot for the Impossible™ Meat, I’m already convinced, just by the looks of it!

Stuff'd X Impossible Foods Impossible Meat 3

We got our hands on a Burrito (S$9.80) and immediately sunk our teeth into it, sauces spilling out and all.

I was stunned, it tasted exactly like their Beef Con Carne. No kidding, even the texture of the “meat”!

I almost forgot I wasn’t eating actual beef. There’s no harm, in fact, way less harm done here, so why not give the Impossible™ a go?

Out with the steak, and in with the Impossible™. Now, this is what I call a wholesome meal! Everything you need, for anyone out there.

Dates & Times: Now available at all Stuff’d outlets | Check out their Facebook page for more details

Prices: S$8.30 (Kebab), S$9.80 (Burrito), S$10.50 (Daily Bowl)

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