Impossible™ Meat Is In The New Stuff’d x Impossible™ Foods Collaboration This July

Stuffd X Impossible Foods 1

Steadily rising as the healthiest stop for wraps and bowls, Stuff’d is now going greener than the bearer of the green logo (if you catch my drift).

Stuffd X Impossible Foods 3

In their latest collaboration with Impossible™ Foods, you can now opt to have Impossible™ Meat to replace the regular beef con carne or chicken.

This collaboration features a tag-team effort to create flavourful super foods that supplement the right amounts of nutrients, all while saving the earth.

Stuffd X Impossible Foods 5

The team at Impossible™ Foods have manufactured a protein that tastes exactly like meat, but isn’t quite made up of meat! You can read up on the science behind the Impossible™ Meat here.

Stuff'd X Impossible Foods Impossible Meat 2

Herein begins our trip down to our nearest Stuff’d and we saw that they had updated their menu options.

Stuff'd X Impossible Foods Impossible Meat 1

Accommodating an extra slot for the Impossible™ Meat, I’m already convinced, just by the looks of it!

Stuff'd X Impossible Foods Impossible Meat 3

We got our hands on a Burrito (S$9.80) and immediately sunk our teeth into it, sauces spilling out and all.

I was stunned, it tasted exactly like their Beef Con Carne. No kidding, even the texture of the “meat”!

I almost forgot I wasn’t eating actual beef. There’s no harm, in fact, way less harm done here, so why not give the Impossible™ a go?

Out with the steak, and in with the Impossible™. Now, this is what I call a wholesome meal! Everything you need, for anyone out there.

Dates & Times: Now available at all Stuff’d outlets | Check out their Facebook page for more details

Prices: S$8.30 (Kebab), S$9.80 (Burrito), S$10.50 (Daily Bowl)