Sunway Lagoon Villa: Escape from the adrenaline rush in this forest villa

Regardless of the number of years that pass, Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur will always retain its status as a crowd favourite. Its main attraction for me personally is its ability to innovate. Never being one to remain complacent, Sunway Lagoon continually seeks creative ways to keep its patrons thrilled and excited.

Sunway Lagoon Mascots

From introducing their Night Park to the iconic Nights of Fright, this theme park is a landmark in the Malaysian tourism scene for a good reason. This time around, instead of doing my usual 1-day theme park ride-around and leaving, I decided to check out the newly-opened Sunway Lagoon Villa.

The Sunway Lagoon Villa – Play, Rest, Repeat & Have the Best Day Ever!

Sunway Lagoon Villa Entrance

When I first heard about the Lagoon Villa, I genuinely couldn’t picture a villa in the middle of this bustling theme park. Lo and behold to my surprise, the picturesque Lagoon Villa was situated in its own private corner of the theme park. There are currently 4 villas and the right way to describe them would be “glamping but make it bougier”.

Sunway Lagoon Villa Interior

Sunway Lagoon Villa Balcony

While the entrance to the villa bore a resemblance to that of a tent,  once you enter, you wouldn’t believe all that contained this marvel. (Think the magical tent from the Harry Potter movies!). Equipped with a queen bed, sofa bed as well as a balcony overlooking the park, it’s the perfect stay after a long day of activities.

Sunway Lagoon Villa Interior

As the youngins would say, the Lagoon Villa is the best “healing spot” both mentally and physically. The whole villa resembled a room in a stellar hotel while still being nestled in the middle of a theme park jungle.

On our first day at the park, we decided to explore the “dry sections”. Even if you’re hydrophobic, the park promises multiple exciting activities. From heart-pumping roller coasters to a stroll through their Wildlife park, there’s something for everyone. This was made abundantly clear with just a look around and seeing people of all ages having the time of their lives at this park.

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Get your steps in at the Scream Park, X Park & Wildlife Park

Sunway Lagoon Scream Park

True to its name, you could hear patrons screaming their lungs out at the Scream Park. Not wanting to turn down a challenge, we made our way to the Sharknado-themed Scream Park. We thought there was nothing scary about sharks, but boy, were we wrong. The whole experience was enthralling with jumpscares and impressive visuals at almost every corner.  A big shoutout goes to their dedicated actors who gave their all and were fully committed to their roles!

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park - Flamingoes

After screaming a little too loudly, our ageing hearts needed a rest and off we went to the Wildlife Park. Animal lovers, this one’s for you! Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park encapsulates every section of the animal kingdom from mammals to creepy crawlies. 

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park - Meerkats

My personal favourites were the pink flamingos (Hey, barbie) and the majestic white tigers. 

Every section of the wildlife park was meticulously labelled to ensure you are well-informed while visiting the animals. Another highlight of the Wildlife Park was its petting zoo where rabbits, hamsters and ancient tortoises roam around freely for you to pet and squeeze (gently).

Sunway Lagoon Hanging Bridge

As it progressed into late afternoon, we made our way to Sunway Lagoon’s iconic hanging bridge. Touted as the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Malaysia, this bridge made sure you get your steps in AND catch the breathtaking view as well.

Sunway Lagoon Surf Pool

If you’re afraid of heights, make sure you’re holding on to the railing tightly and trust me when I say you feel EVERY swaying motion! Once you’re atop the bridge, you can choose to attempt bungee jumping or the flying fox. We were not as adventurous to try the former so off to the flying fox we went. After an almost 15-minute waiting period, we zoomed across the Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool, flailing our arms and legs. Pro-tip: since you’ll most probably be zooming over people, please wear appropriate clothing.

Sunway Lagoon Night Park

Come nighttime, the fun doesn’t stop, in fact, it just gets a whole lot yummier. After 6pm, Sunway Lagoon lights up for its iconic Night Park where certain rides will still be operating accompanied by performances. Before everything, we were treated to a BBQ dinner which will be exclusively available to all Lagoon Villa residents from August.

Sunway Lagoon Hotpot Dinner

Sunway Lagoon - Jom Cha Drinks

The BBQ dinner was just what we needed after the long day of walking. Yummy soup, delectable meats, what more could we ask for? If that wasn’t enough, we were also treated to Farm Fresh’s signature Jom Cha drinks. My personal favourite was the Mango Tango which combined both the sweetness of mango and milk, coupled with chewy crystal boba.

Sunway Lagoon - Spirit of Iosheka

Before wrapping up for the night, our guides made sure we didn’t miss the Spirit of Iosheka Show. Although we were a little perplexed at first, the performance kept us hooked till the end with bursting flames performed by the daredevils. 

Wet, Wild & Dangerous at the Sunway Lagoon’s Water Park

Sunway Lagoon Villa - Breakfast at Moolalah Cafe

After an eventful first day, we started our second day with breakfast at the Moolalah cafe. There’s nothing more calming than having pancakes and omelette as the sounds of a rushing waterfall greet you. The breakfast buffet has everything: a quintessential breakfast buffet AND an omelette, pancake and sausage station.

Sunway Lagoon Water Park

Our tummies filled, we made our way to the Sunway Lost Lagoon. First things first, we actually pushed aside children to get our place getting dunked by the giant bucket (not my proudest moment). Then we went all over the Water Park and got splashed from all directions.

Sunway Lagoon - Vuvuzela

How could we possibly have visited Sunway Lagoon and NOT gone to the  Vuvuzela? In fact, we were the first ones to queue up when the ride opened at 12.30pm. The Vuvuzela is the world’s LARGEST vortex ride and is a  staunch reminder of why Sunway Lagoon is one of the best water parks in Malaysia. Adrenaline, fun, camaraderie— this ride had it all!

Sunway Lagoon - Lost Lagoon

Sunway Lagoon - Surf Beach

We ended our day at the Water Park with some splashing and dancing at Surf Beach. Whether you prefer relaxing or seeking thrills, this beach offers options for everyone. The perfect end to the day was everyone bopping to the amazing music while anticipating the waves at the World’s Largest Surf Pool. 

Final thoughts

Prior to my visit, I was sceptical on what unique experience Sunway Lagoon could offer, but I was proven wrong. Among all the attractions, rides and accommodation, the Lagoon Villa stood out as the factor that would influence my decision to return. Of all the attractions and rides, the Lagoon Villa remained the factor that I would consider when returning. The stay was the ideal way to thoroughly explore every corner of the park to perfection.

Visiting Sunway Lagoon is, and will always be, a trip that every member of your family would thoroughly enjoy!

*This article was brought to you in partnership with Sunway Lagoon.

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Sunway Lagoon

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Sunway Lagoon

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Operating Hours: 10am - 11pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue
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