4 brunch favourites to complement your SUPER Coffee in the morning

Last Updated: December 22, 2020

Written by Wani

How many of us carry nostalgia when we think of 3-in-1 coffee? Hands up, if you’re like me; I remember fondly of my late grandfather ripping open a packet of SUPER 3-in-1 Coffee, tipping hot water into his mug, from the steaming steel kettle straight from the stove. Coffee, as a beverage, has come a long way, but it’s about time we rethink how instant coffee blends into our lives, no?

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That is why it’s time to break away from the stereotype of toast and soft-boiled eggs, along with a cup of 3-in-1 coffee, and throw in common brunch favourites to shake up our morning routine. To celebrate the revamp of SUPER Coffee’s new look for their range of instant coffees, I’ve hand-selected several choice brunch items that I’m sure not many might’ve thought to pair with this long-standing brand. 3-in-1 coffee is no longer an accompaniment just for local breakfasts; you can make the most of today’s brunch staples just as well with this recognised instant coffee brand.

Here are four common brunch menu items that I personally feel bring the best out of SUPER Coffee’s range.

1. SUPER Coffee Zero Sugar Added 2-in-1 + Granola and Yoghurt

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Only recently have I discovered the joy and glorious combination of granola and yoghurt, and it only makes sense that this journey of mindful eating is joined by the all-new Zero Sugar Added 2-in-1. As a black coffee lover (sans sugar) myself, I was surprised by how easily I took to this.

I had the opportunity to enjoy the lessened sweetness of the hot drink but still with the added touch of milkiness. What surprised me even further was how the nuttiness of the granola really heightened the natural taste of the coffee, so there was really no need for extra sugar, really.

A great option for the sugar-conscious, definitely.

2. SUPER Coffee Original 3-in-1 + Eggs Benedict

Super Coffee Edited2

You can’t really deny the lasting impression that the Original 3-in-1 leaves on us, especially when I’m confident that this particular SUPER Coffee mix transcends generations within a family. To cast a modern light on this classic, an Eggs Benedict—elevated here with a generous heap of beef pastrami on sesame bagel—is the best way to truly have an indulgent breakfast.

Imagine an easy weekend brunch where you can take the time to savour this all-time favourite while sipping on a comforting cup of SUPER Coffee Original 3-in-1; the signature blend with a well-balanced taste, that’s all one could ever ask for. The undeniable depth of the instant coffee is on par with the fattiness of the beef pastrami and eggs, making this the ultimate pairing if you’re looking for accessible luxury.

3. SUPER Coffee Rich 3-in-1 + French Toast

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I believe in treating one’s self to best of breakfasts once in a while, and this coupling of French Toast with SUPER Coffee Rich 3-in-1 is exemplary of that. Commonly termed as ‘gao’, this brew is thick without assaulting the senses. The mild acidity of the natural maple syrup slices through the coffee ever-so-elegantly, so you’ll still be able to enjoy every element of this combination.

4. SUPER White Coffee Hazelnut + Pancakes With Berries

Super Coffee Edited 6

Who doesn’t love Pancakes With Berries? I honestly can have them for breakfast, or really, any time of the day. If you’re already planning your next stack, why not add SUPER White Coffee Hazelnut for a splash of nuttiness?

The nutty aroma of hazelnut comes through potently while the distinct charcoal roasted coffee taste keeps everything in balance. I especially loved how the syrup-soaked pillowy pancakes served as an ideal vehicle to deliver a medley of flavours to the palate, resulting in an unforgettable breakfast.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy experimenting with instant coffee pairings as much as I did, with the SUPER Coffee Zero Sugar Added 2-in-1 + Granola and Yoghurt being my favourite of all. Think no sugar equates to no flavour? Think again.

The next time you’re picking up a bag of SUPER Coffee from the supermarket, get creative and marry them with your favourite brunch food—you might just surprise yourself. Try SUPER coffee now at

*This post is brought to you in partnership with SUPER Coffee.

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