Challenge your dexterity with this build-it-yourself 366-piece sushi model

Putting together a piece of sushi may not be a challenge to many. After all, one of the charms of sushi is its delicious and sticky rice. Now, try building, from scratch, a 366-piece plastic sushi model.

Photo of Tuna And Salmon Sushi Model

Honestly, when I first heard of the build-it-yourself sushi plastic model, I thought it was a children’s toy (think: food, model, build-it-yourself)—I was so wrong. Well, the only thing resembling a children’s toy would be the relatively big piece of fish, considering the other 364 pieces are grains of rice.

Close Up Of Sushi Plastic Model

You’ll need to put each grain of rice on top of one another with a pair of tweezers, which seems like an arduous job meant for the extremely patient. However, the intention of Syuto, the Tokyo-based plastic model maker behind this creation, is not to torture us. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. The kit does not include any instructions, so it’s really up to the individual to decide on the number of grains you want to put together. As your creativity and patience permits, feel free to challenge the conventional shapes and sizes of sushi. With tweezers and liquid adhesive coating, this could be one small step closer to becoming your very own sushi “chef”.

For 40 minutes to an hour, this is a perfect way to have fun while being productive and focused.

Photo of Sushi Plastic Model

Each kit also comes dressed as a sushi takeout box (which looks way more real than the tiny meals from miniature cooking). What’s more fascinating, is that each grain of rice is designed to look soft and cooked. You can now have a feast for the eyes, literally. Each kit costs about S$17.43 (JP¥1430), with tuna and salmon kits available for purchase on Amazon.

So, as Syuto asks, to make your sushi, how much rice can you niguru (pick up/press together)?

Date & Time: Build-it-yourself Sushi Plastic Model is available for purchase on Amazon

Prices: S$17.41 per kit 

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