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Terang Bulan: Red Velvet & Matcha Kit Kat Murtabak Manis At This Speciality Store In East Village

You have been warned: be prepared to get your hands dirty at this murtabak manis speciality store in East Village. The hole-in-the-wall shop is cosily decorated...

Moosh: Slurp Up Ondeh Ondeh Soft Serve & Other Unique Ice Cream Flavours At Haji Lane

Located along Haji Lane, Moosh is a Muslim-owned establishment which serves up affordable cups of soft serve in unique flavours. It may be slightly difficult...

10 Traditional Dessert Stalls In Singapore That You Wish You Knew About Earlier

On this little island that experiences summer all year round, Singaporeans are always scrambling to find ice-cold desserts for respite. Over the years, there have...
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