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Swisslink Bakery & Cafe: Traditional bakery with shepherd’s pie, tasty cakes & curry puffs since 1985

"Aaron! You must check this place out!" My friend enthusiastically introduced me to Swisslink Bakery & Cafe, a traditional neighbourhood bakery located at Sunset...

The return of all-day McGriddles®, KIT KAT® McFlurry®, and exclusive 1-for-1 deals

Missing a couple of old favourites from Maccas? Fret no more because March will be a month of grand 'returns'! Yes, the long-awaited all-day McGriddles® will be...

McDonald’s celebrates Pi Day with S$1 Pies from 12 – 14 March

One of the nerdiest holidays is upon us, Pi Day where we celebrate one of the widest used mathematical constants. As per tradition, Pi...
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A Must Try Recipe