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cafes with instagrammable food

New in town: Missus, Bendemeer — A new Muslim-owned cafe for you and your missus

A new Muslim-owned cafe has just opened around the corner, perfect for you and your missus. Missus, conveniently located at Bendemeer, specialises in grilled...

Wild Blooms: Instagrammable 3D Flower Tea Jelly At This Pretty Cafe In Hougang

Let's be honest, cafes are overrated. I think I've had enough of overpriced club sandwiches and cappuccinos. Not to mention, having to jostle with the...

The First Eatbox Singapore By Artbox With More Than 50 Food Stalls At Downtown East This Jan 2019

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Artbox Singapore, the pop-up container flea market from Bangkok that happened over two weekends earlier in May and...
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