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Ippudo SG Beckons with Shaka Shaka Fries at New City Hall Outlet on 14 Aug

Are you a fan of Japanese ramen? If you are, look forward to Ippudo SG's newest outlet opening at Raffles City Shopping Centre on 14 August 2020. This will...

10 Food Spots In Singapore To Eat Your Way Around Japan

Japanese restaurants and hawker stalls can be found in every corner of our country. While you can’t possibly go wrong with a good ol’ bowl...

Kuro Obi: Judo-Inspired Takeaway Ramen By Ippudo At Marina Bay Sands

Located right next to the Marina Bay Sands foodcourt, Kuro-Obi is a takeaway style ramen that you can enjoy at affordable prices. Kuro-Obi serves a...
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