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Get Freshly-Made & Customisable Japanese Mochi At Daifuku By Seizan In Orchard

A traditional Japanese confectionary which literally translates to “great luck”, daifuku is a dessert commonly exchanged as gifts in Japan for well wishes. Typically,...

108 MATCHA SARO: Indulge In Authentic Warabi Mochi + Obanyaki At Suntec City

The high-quality matcha dessert shop, 108 MATCHA SARO, that originated from Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan, has finally made its debut in Singapore at Suntec City. 108 MATCHA...

16 Japanese Cafes In Singapore That You Will Forego Watching Anime For

おはようございます Ohaiyo gozaimasu! Japanese culture is huge in Singapore, and from sushi to matcha, the food is equally favored as well. I've come up with...
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