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We tried Singapore’s worst-rated Lor Mee stall

In all honesty, I sought out Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee without knowing of its reputation online. All I knew about this hawker stall...

Feng Zhen Lor Mee to open third outlet in Yishun on 6 May 2022

Established in 1988, Feng Zhen Lor Mee is a pioneer in the Singapore hawker scene. Known for its old school traditional lor mee, they began in Taman Jurong...

Ma Bo Lor Mee, Chinatown: Famous delicious S$3 Lor Mee & Fried Fish + mouth-watering Laksa

Situated at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Ma Bo Lor Mee whips up bowls of lor mee and laksa daily. With a prominent sign displaying its affordable prices, it’s...
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A Must Try Recipe