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Hungry Bacon serves all things pork like nasi kerabu babi percik, BBQ ribs & pork shoulder chop

When craving pork, your options are quite limited as not all eateries serve yummy pork goodness. Fortunately, Hungry Bacon, located in Damansara Utama, serves...

58 Prawn Noodle: Popular Prawn Noodles With Long Queues Hidden Near Bedok Reservoir

There’s something about prawn noodles that rekindles childhood memories. On some weekends, the family would wake up to the smell of the hearty prawn...

Eastern House of Seafood: Singapore Zi Char Review

"Zi Char Rise in the Far East” Not to be confused with the similar-sounding “House of Seafood” that also lies east (Joo Chiat) of Singapore,...
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