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You Won’t Want To Slice Into These Adorable Seal Cakes At This Dessert Shop In Taiwan

Yet another fascinating food trend has surfaced and it’s one you need to see to believe. Taiwan dessert shop Sowing the Sweets 耕者有其甜 is famous for...

The Salted Plum: Savour Tapas Dishes & Rice Bowls For $5 Or $10 At This Taiwanese Restaurant In Boat Quay

On 20 March 2018, a new kid on the block emerged at 10 Circular Road. Serving Taiwanese food just like the now-defunct Five-Ten, The Salted Plum has already garnered quite...

LE Castella: Famous Japanese Jiggly Sponge Cake From Taiwan Comes To Tampines 1

It's been slightly more than a month since LE Castella (樂古早味蛋糕), the famous Japanese sponge cakes from Taiwan, has reached our shores. To date, these jiggly...
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