The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen: Super Chio Multicoloured Drinks & Thai Food In Toa Payoh

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The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen in Toa Payoh serves authentic Thai cuisine and multicoloured bottled drinks. Just a short walk from the HDB Hub, it’s extremely convenient to drop by for your dose of affordable Thai food and drinks.

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(From right to left) We had the An Chan Passionfruit ($3.80), An Chan Lemonade ($3.80), Cha Yen ($3.50) and the Mangoon ($3.80). Don’t they all look super chio?

Talad features a dining area as well as a special drinks kiosk if you just want to get one of the drinks to escape the sweltering Singapore heat. This layered drink concept is one that’s rather unfamiliar in Singapore, but can easily be found in other countries like Thailand and Taiwan.

Priced around $3.50 to $4 a bottle, add a splash of colour to your life and your Instagram feed.

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Even after we shook them up, they still looked as delectable and we just wanted to chug them down.

The An Chan series consists of butterfly pea extract which changes colour according to the drink’s acidity. We enjoyed both of the An Chan drinks that we had as they were not sweet and extremely refreshing.

The Cha Yen tasted like a good Thai milk tea you’d get along the streets of Thailand and similarly, wasn’t overbearingly sweet. On the other hand, the Mangoon was an interesting mix of mango and blue lagoon, but tasted predominantly of the former (not sure what blue lagoon’s supposed to taste like).

Talad has 15 drinks on the menu so we’re sure that you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy!

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Moving on from the drinks, for mains, we had the Green Curry Fried Rice ($5.50). This isn’t your typical fried rice, but a more flavourful, spicy version. Flavoured with curry, lemon leaves and basil, every spoonful is sure to pack a punch.

Instead of drowning boring steamed rice in green curry, consider getting this mash-up between the two for a unique experience unlike any other.

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Perfect for sharing, the Thai Grilled Pork Skewer ($6 for 3, $10 for 5) is Talad’s take on a traditional Thai street food. Sticky, salty and sweet, the skewers tasted pretty authentic and similar to what I had at Bangkok night markets.

The pork was also grilled nicely, allowing for good caramelisation yet remaining tender. The vegetables at the bottom were excellent palate cleansers between each bite, allowing us to devour skewer after skewer. This dish is a must-try for those of you wanting to savour authentic Thai food.

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Overall, we had fun at Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen, especially with the multicoloured drinks and Talad’s reinterpretation of Thai cuisine.

Since it’s only a few steps away from the MRT station and bus interchange, we’ll definitely be back for lunch. Try them and let us know which drink is your favourite!

Expected damage: $3.50 – $10 per person

The Talad Drink & Thai Kitchen: 190 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #01-520, Singapore 310190 | Opening Hours: (Daily) 11am – 9pm | Tel: +65 9105 0555 | Facebook