‘Tapau Please’ Podcast by SethLui.com: An aural exploration into all things food—now on Spotify

As the current climate around us remains unsettling and uncertain, we, at SethLui.com, have always made it our priority to keep you in the loop about all things food-related in Singapore. Whether you are an ardent fan of our hawker culture, or spend your weekends hopping from cafe to cafe in search of the best Basque burnt cheesecake, we’re here to provide you with all the latest happenings so you’re never left in the dark when it comes to where to eat next.

Tapau Please (wp)

To add to our plethora of reviews, features and never-ending listicles, we’re over-the-moon excited to present to you our latest podcast project, Tapau Please. It’s been admittedly tough to keep things mum around here, but we finally are ready to reveal this spankin’ new baby to the world!

In this weekly podcast, our hosts, Zat and Wani, debate and discuss current trends, share opinions and ideas about the F&B industry and sometimes lament about the odd disappointing meal they had in the past week.

The podcast will also occasionally see a guest dropping in, as well, to give a refreshing perspective on the vibrant foodscape we have on our humble sunny island and to impart wise gastronomic truths with us and you, our listeners.

Currently, you can listen to our first two episodes on Spotify and Podbean, with the first episode addressing our national dish—is it really necessary? So, share this with your fellow foodie friends and we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new project as well as new ideas that you might like to hear being discussed on our show!

Date & Time: Tapau Please is available for download and streaming on Spotify and Podbean

Price: NA

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