How to secure Taylor Swift tickets without a sweat — SethLui-proven tips & tricks

I am sure that most of us know about the Taylor Swift ticket saga by now. Some of you are probably also upset about not getting them even after the long waiting room time. So, to prep for tomorrow morning, here are some tips to secure your tickets without breaking a sweat! PSA: these have been proven by our very own SethLui team.

It is now close to impossible to get them via Singpost due to the overwhelming number in queues all over Singapore already. Singpost even had to release a statement informing folks that chances are low beyond the 30th person onwards. Thus, it seems online sales are your best bet to win those seats!

An important note would be that an access code would be required to buy. This code (via email) is sent to a select few that had registered for the registration on 23 Jun 2023.

Taylor Swift Tips — Taylor Swift

Still, here are 10 things you can do to improve the odds for your final chance.

  • Join the queue early

Of course, the easiest would be to get in line the fastest. Even joining half an hour early is too late, so joining the waiting room an hour before the official start is best. It definitely guarantees your queue number is better than if you were to join late.

  • Join on as many devices or browsers as possible 

We swore by this tip when we joined the queue for Taylor Swift’s tour, having entered the waiting room on 15 different devices. Yet, only 2 of them managed to be 5-digit queue numbers. As the waiting room transitions into the queue to buy, the order is completely random. So, it’s best to stand a higher chance of getting a lower queue number by testing luck on multiple devices and windows. Even using multiple browsers works!

This is also good for the scenario where errors pop up mid-queue. We had the hope of getting more tickets but were devastated by the “rate exceeded” error message due to the huge influx of people. The motto here has to be “the more devices, the merrier”!

Taylor Swift Tips — Other POV of queue

  • Log into Ticketmaster first

Logging into Ticketmaster early is a crucial step, as many have gotten kicked out because they took too long to enter their details. Our team had logged in an hour before so as to get a headstart. It would also be wise to key in your credit card information first as it can reduce the time needed to secure your seats.

  • Get a Ticketmaster account beforehand

Another Ticketmaster-related tip would be to get an account beforehand. It may shock some, but there have been cases where folks queued without an account. It may even be helpful to have multiple accounts in queue together.

Taylor Swift Tips — Updated seating list
  • Prep your preferred seats list

Yes, a list is necessary. Seats disappear fast, so preparation must be made (both mentally and physically) in case your desired seating category is not available. During the UOB-exclusive period, entire categories sold out within just a few minutes.

With Ticketmaster updating their seating chart with extra categories, it seems that some changes may have to be taken into account. With a newly added Category 7, 8 and 9, more fans will be able to join the show! Be warned that some seats would have a restricted view, which may not be preferred to some folks. But hey, a restricted view seat is still a seat, right?

One of our colleagues had printed the seating plan with her first, second and third preferences marked out. It saved her crucial minutes and allowed her to get her third preference, only because all her contingency plans were already in place. A game plan is essential for quick decisions!

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  • Stable internet connection

What’s the point of doing all the above if your internet keeps dying? Ensure that your internet connection is stable and will not drop at any point, which may cause your browser to need refreshing. Just imagining losing your queue number for Taylor Swift because of a poor connection? The only era you will be in is sad era.

Queuing in office

  • Clear cache or use incognito mode

Those who aren’t technically aware may not understand this tip. For context, clearing a device’s cache allows it to run optimally and fixes issues like websites loading slowly or even crashing.

On the other hand, incognito mode makes you anonymous, meaning that the system does not rely on the cookies which occupy space on your device. If there are many stored over a period of time, it can dramatically slow down the speed of your device, which is detrimental in this scenario.

  • Use computers rather than phones

The advice we received before the UOB-exclusive event was that phones give better queue numbers. Our personal experience whilst fighting for the Taylor Swift tickets was that our PCs gave us better queue numbers when we logged on using both desktops and phones at the same time.

Best Queue number

  • Never refresh

Many beginners have done this and then sobbed in regret. Unfortunately, refreshing means that your queue number will be reset, pushing you to the end of the line. This could completely eliminate whatever chance you had of scoring Taylor Swift tickets, so beware!

  • Be prepared to wait

Getting a good queue number is just the tip of the concert iceberg; it’s the wait that is dreadful. Despite being in position 32K in the massive queue of 1.5 million, we had to wait for an hour before even reaching the seat selection stage.

Using this, it would be a wise move to gauge roughly how long the process will be. It will be incredibly helpful for those with classes or meetings.

Performing in Concert

As some of you prepare to fight the Eras war again, we wish everyone the best of luck! We got our tickets, and hope you get yours, too.

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