Tealive: Introducing their Real Fruit Series made with real fruits for maximum freshness

We had the pleasure of watching the drink-making process of Tealive‘s Real Fruit Series. The tearista was swift and skilled, measuring every ingredient to a T (no pun intended). 

Tealive - Six drinks in a row

Tealive’s Real Fruit Series is categorised into 3: the Juice Series, Sparkling Series, and Smoothie Series. The 3 fruits being highlighted in this series are mango, passion fruit, and grapes.

Tealive - Smoothie series

Adding on to the Smoothie Series, these 2 new drinks are a little different from the pre-existing ones— they’re topped with a generous dollop of creamy cheese mousse.

Tealive - Smoothie layers

Visually, the Cream Cloud Mango Passionfruit Smoothie and Cream Cloud Grape Velvet Smoothie immediately stand out from the rest. When freshly made, you can see the distinct layers of fluffy cream, smoothie, and fruit bits.

Tealive - Smoothies

The foam adds another depth of flavour to the beverages. Its slight saltiness balances out the sweet nature of the drinks while also enhancing their fruitiness. Although thicker in texture, the smoothies were still light and refreshing. These 2 were big hits among the group, and we found ourselves slurping them down in a matter of minutes.

Next up, the Juice Series is all about showcasing the natural ingredients of the fruits used as well as their varying textures and flavours. In this series, you’ll find drinks like their Mango Fruit Juice with Mango Bits, Red Grape Fruit Juice with Aloe Vera, and Passionfruit Juice with Pulp.

Tealive - Juice Series

Mango Fruit Juice with Mango Bits is Tealive’s juicy, tropical mango drink with pieces of the real fruit. The small, cubed mango bits provide an extra burst of flavour with every sip (and bite).

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Following the tropical theme, Passionfruit Juice with Pulp uses the fruit’s pulp to further accentuate the tanginess and floral flavour of passion fruit. The seeds in the pulp give you something to bite into as well, allowing you to properly savour the drink bit by bit.

As for the Red Grape Fruit Juice with Aloe Vera, something that immediately caught my attention was the use of a green tea base. The green tea paired really well with the sweetness of the red grapes, adding another dimension to the drink. 

Tealive - Sparkling Red Grape Tea

Tealive is introducing 3 brand new flavours to their already-existing Sparkling Series, and we had the opportunity to try their Sparkling Red Grape Tea with 3Q Jelly and Chia Seeds

This drink is a great instant pick-me-up— a fun drink that’ll brighten your mood and get you through the day. The base is pretty much identical to the aforementioned  Red Grape Fruit Juice with Aloe Vera, with the exception of it being fizzy.

Final thoughts

Tealive - Juice drink

Overall, the Real Fruit Series achieved what it sought out to do: to deliver refreshing drinks that can uplift anyone’s mood. While the base flavours may seem similar (mango, passionfruit, and grape), Tealive managed to add little twists by tweaking the small details— sparkling water instead of still, and creamy foam for a hint of salt. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on your beverage of choice , ask yourself this: do you want something fizzy, creamy, or just straight up fruit juice? 

* This article was brought to you in partnership with Tealive.

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