Teppan-Man: 10 Affordable teppanyaki sets featuring mushroom, sliced meats & seafood served at a kopitiam from $4.50

For residents staying at Bukit Batok West and those en route to getting their licenses at Bukit Gombak Driving School, why not make your way to Eightways Eating House at Goodview Gardens and check out Teppan-Man?

teppanman - teppan man

teppanman - teppan man stallfront

Established in Dec 2021, this kopitiam stall at the corner catches your eye with its vibrant yellow signboard. On the menu are budget-friendly teppanyaki sets, donburi, sambal stingray and various side dishes.

teppanman - teppan man owner

Headed by 40-year-old Chef Chris, this business marks his first step into the F&B industry. Before this venture, he pursued a career in the shipping sector for the past 10 years. Now, you might be curious: How did Chris venture into the world of teppanyaki?

teppanman - chris cooking

Reflecting on his journey, Chris explained, “I used to stay in Hougang and I frequented a particular teppanyaki stall. In fact, I loved it so much that I expressed my desire to learn from the boss, who later became my mentor.”

teppanman - cooking tau geh

Chris has undoubtedly honed his skills, he gracefully moved to and fro as he prepared 4 dishes in succession on his stall’s scorching griddle. The sauces he incorporates into his dishes are all either homemade or carefully tweaked to give them his distinct touch.

What I tried at Teppan-Man

teppanman - sliced pork

We kicked things off with the Sliced Pork Teppanyaki Set Meal (S$6.50) with our choice of Black Pepper Sauce, which arrived with a bowl of Japanese short grain rice and white carrot soup.

teppanman - lighting of fire

Firestarter gels are ignited beneath the metal dishes, ensuring that your grilled meats remain piping hot even if you’re busy snapping photos or videos for your Instagram stories.

teppanman - sliced pork

Chef Chris asked if we wanted our Black Pepper Sauce to have a spicy kick, and we responded with an enthusiastic nod of approval.

He added chopped chilli padi into the gravy before slathering and incorporating it onto the sliced pork. The result? A double combo of heat coming from the aromatic black pepper followed by an instant fiery kick of spiciness happening almost immediately after.

The pork was also tender and full of flavour, making it a perfect complement to my bowl of rice.

teppanman - tau geh closeup

The bean sprouts on the side retained their crispness, cooked to perfection without any off-putting raw flavours. They provided a pleasing contrast for your taste buds while effectively balancing out the richness of the meat.

teppanman - chicken set

The boneless Chicken Drum Teppanyaki Set Meal (S$6.50) was served exactly the same way as the previous dish(with a mound of stir-fried tau geh, rice and soup). We selected Teriyaki Sauce for this option instead.

teppanman - chicken upclose

The chicken was tender, and the teriyaki glaze added a delicate blend of sweetness, savoriness, and tanginess to the meat. My only complaint was the lack of sauce; I wished there was more.

teppanman - seafood

We also savoured the Seafood Teppanyaki Set Meal (S$12) which was a lovely trinity of prawns, sotong and dory fish luxuriously slathered in black pepper sauce.

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teppanman - seafood upclose

I was pleasantly amazed by the impeccable tenderness of the sotong; it evaded the dreaded rubbery texture that often plagues overcooked squid. The dory fish, on the other hand, effortlessly crumbled in my mouth. As for the prawns, they remained plump and firm.

teppanman - combination of ingredients

Combining the seafood with the slightly crunchy tau geh and the tantalising, addictive heat of the black pepper sauce all at once was a party in my mouth, complete with a melange of textures and tastes.

teppanman - stingray

The Sambal Stingray (S$11 for small) arrived on a banana leaf with a layer of sambal smeared on its surface and topped with sliced shallots; a small dish of sambal belacan was presented by the side.

teppanman - stingray closeup

The segmented meat strips, easily separated with a gentle tug of my chopsticks possessed a delicate flakiness that harmonised beautifully with the spicy heh bi-infused sambal.

teppanman - stingray soak in sambal

Drenching the pieces of stingray into the sambal belacan may be a recipe for disaster especially for those with a low spice tolerance. However, it didn’t ignite an inferno in my mouth, sparing me the frantic search for an iced beverage.

The heat was tolerable and the nuanced fermented notes from the belacan paired with subtle citrus hints, added complexity to the experience.

teppanman - japanese curry udon

We couldn’t resist ordering the Japanese Curry Udon (S$6), a bowl filled with udon bathed in a luscious Japanese curry, where cubes of potatoes, carrots, and onions mingled. There were also 2 crispy, breaded ebi perched on top.

teppanman - udon mixing

I wasn’t expecting much from the bowl of udon, as I had countless bowls of Japanese curry before. Guess what? It seized my taste buds by storm. The curry flavour defied the conventional sweetness one might anticipate, instead embracing an earthy and smoky essence. Its unforeseen charm left me captivated!

If only the udon had been slightly chewier, it would have been a perfect bowl.

Final thoughts

teppanman - overview

Teppanyaki is a familiar sight in bustling food courts, where skilled chefs prepare your meal right before your eyes. Typically, such an experience comes at a price point exceeding S$10 and tends to draw sizable crowds.

However, Teppan-Man stands out in the market, offering a refreshing departure from the abundance of mookata and yakiniku stalls that have become popular in kopitiams across Singapore.

Indulge in the novelty of savouring your exclusive teppanyaki feast. I’m already eagerly plotting my return to Teppan-Man, this time with friends in tow.

Expected damage: S$4.50 – S$18 per pax

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Teppan-Man.

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395A Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 , Singapore 651395



395A Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 , Singapore 651395

Telephone: +65 8869 1303
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 8869 1303

Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm (Daily)
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