First dibs: Snack on The Happy Moo, the world’s first Shaker Jerky

Hands up if you find yourself reaching for a snack far too often. There’s absolutely no shame in snacking, only shame in going ham on the ones with tastes that do no justice to the calories. We know our go-to snacks of chips and biscuits in good ol’ fashion, and we love them, no doubt. But beef jerky with unique seasoning that gets you shaking the bag like McDonald’s Shaker fries? That’s a first, and that’s what Andrew Lim, the brain behind The Happy Moo thought too.

The Happy Moo
The Happy Moo

Created right in the confines of his home, The Happy Moo is born out of Andrew’s random craving for beef jerky and his desire for a healthy snack. And since beef jerky isn’t the most accessible in Singapore, he soon concocted his own perfect mix of delicious, savoury, and high-protein beef jerky. 

Marinated for over 12 hours, in a concoction of au naturel herbs and spices, the beef is then slow cooked to tender perfection for that perfect bite. A single 100g bag of jerky contains a whopping 230g of beef, so you know what to snack on when you want some gains. Having received “The Herd” (S$45, up to S$51) a mixed bag of Andrew’s 3 cult-favourite flavours – Lemon Ponzu, Truffle and Mala, my excitement was unbridled, because, would it taste as good as it sounds?

First things first, I had to try the jerky on its own to do the marination justice. As I took a bite of it, I was taken aback by how savoury and meaty it was without being oversalted. Riddled with marination that comes through with every chew, it’s so toothsome that it’s proclamation of being fat, carb and MSG free is puzzling.

But of course, what’s the product without some unique flavours?  Their premium, all-natural seasoning are directly flown in from Europe and Japan, promising taste and quality. I dug into each bag of seasoning, quickly poured them in and shook it with might. And voila, three bags of artisanal beef jerky infused with flavours that tend to the local palate.

Lemon Ponzu

Since we’re pretty well-acquainted with the likes of Mala and Truffle by now, the Lemon Ponzu stood out to me first. When mixed with the jerky, a light tinge of lemon wafts through the thick perfume of jerky and ponzu, whetting my appetite at 11am in the morning. The zesty lemon comes through with every chew, blending well with the salty ponzu flavour that doesn’t hesitate to sound its presence. While the latter remains as the main star, I’m thankful for the slight tartness holding its ground and keeping this snack away from being cloying early on. 


Mala was next on my list, and believe me, it’s what trust issues are made of. With a piquant aroma that features balanced notes of spice and peppercorn, you’d assume it to be low or medium-spiced. But of course every interesting dish has its own plot twist, and yes, it’s spicier than it smells, more fiery with every chew, but not without the savouriness and umami flavour profiles. Compared to Mala chips that disintegrate before you can register the tastes of Mala, this Mala flavoured jerky presents as a better option, winning my heart with its chewy texture and heft size. At least my calories are spent over a bigger portion. No regrets.


And alas, we’re down to the all-time favourite flavour in the snack department. By now, we’re too accustomed to the namesakes of truffle fries and chips, so it’s about time a new contender makes it mark. I’m happy to share, that overrated is not a description for this truffle jerky, and they did the popular fungi right with this one. A savoury aroma of truffle comes through in the jerky, with flavours infused well into the jerky’s original marination—all in good balance. I mean, we know the pain of tasting close to nothing, or everything truffle in a dish, it’s offensive. With this seasoning, more is better, attested to my addiction to this bag after I emptied the whole packet of seasoning. Of course, you can adjust the amount to your own preferences.

The Herd

While beef jerky doesn’t ring a bell as an everyday snack, you’d never know how much you want The Happy Moo till you try it. And with these 3 bags of appetising flavours, I’m on a rotational basis and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

For an additional S$5 off your next order (which is inevitable), post a photo on Instagram and tag, and don’t forget the hashtag #worldsfirstshakerjerky. After all, when it comes to good food and price mark downs, there is no shame. The Happy Moo’s The Herd bundle is now available for preorders online, with a minimum purchase of five bags for free delivery.

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