The Refinery: Truffle Gyudon, Kopi Gao Cocktail & Other Japanese Fusion Food Near Lavender

The Refinery has been in the food scene for quite awhile and I was just in luck to try their newly launched menu.

The Refinery is a three-story oasis that houses a yakitori joint on the first floor, a bespoke cocktail bar and a workshop space. Nestled in the industrial area along King George Avenue, this Insta-worthy place is worth the visit.

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The interiors are spacious and sport an industrial-bohemian chic look. I felt like I was transported to a loft in New York City with the high ceilings and natural lighting illuminating the place.

I could imagine a bustling atmosphere when night falls creating a space for networking and professionals who just want to kick back and enjoy a beer or two.

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To get us started, the first dish we tried was the Wasabi Chicken (S$12). It came with huge portions of chicken chunks spiced up with their homemade wasabi sauce. The heat from the wasabi kicked in after a few seconds and left as quickly as it arrived.

I can tell that the Wasabi Chicken will be popular with people who enjoy light nibbles while sipping on a beer. It can fill you up quickly and is highly addictive — the sauce is sweet and the Tobiko balances out the sweetness with its saltiness.

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We can’t say no to cocktails, and the Kopi Gao (S$14) is a must-have for coffee-lovers who are a little adventurous. The base is sochu, which has been sous-vide with ground coffee and raw sugar syrup.

The acidity of the coffee beans was light and refreshing and worked well for the current hot and humid weather. Bite into the piece of chocolate and you’ll find that it changes the dynamics and taste of the cocktail, leaving a lingering sweetness on the taste buds.

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If I am visiting this place again, I would order this in a heartbeat. The Golden Tofu With Chicken Floss (S$10) is deep-fried tofu coated with breadcrumbs, adorned with a generous amount of chicken floss and sprinkled with thin slices of seaweed. A side of wasabi mayo is served alongside for dipping.

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The tofu melts easily in your mouth like butter; soft but not too fragile that it will crumble easily. The tofu was well seasoned and the batter made it savoury, the dip added a little heat to it.

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The Refinery Gyudon (S$17) consists of truffle Hon Shimeiji mushroom, tare marinated beef and 72-degree onsen tamago. I enjoyed how the beef is not overly seasoned as compared to those at some Japanese restaurants. The beef has a slightly sweet finish that goes well with the truffle flavoured rice.

The egg was perfectly poached and you’ll want to break the egg yolk before taking a bite as it adds a creamy dimension to the dish, bringing about a richer flavour.

The Refinery 16

The nutty richness of the mushroom enhances the dish with every crunch. I’m pleasantly surprised by how the various ingredients that have individually strong flavours could work together harmoniously. It kept me going back for more spoonfuls and left me quite impressed.

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The Mango Sticky Rice cocktail (S$18) was new and has not been included in the menu yet and we were the first to try it. It tasted exactly like the dessert as the actual rice and mango were mixed and blended into the drink.

The rum-based cocktail was sweet and creamy without being too jelak. It was a refreshing change to the dessert that we love.

We had a great time at The Refinery and everyone made us feel right at home. The menu was extensive featuring small plates and big, hearty rice bowls to fill your hunger pangs.

I would definitely come back again to check out the rest of the dishes and maybe join a workshop too.


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Expected Damage: S$10 – S$25 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

The Refinery

115 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208561

Our Rating 4.5/5

The Refinery

115 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208561

Telephone: 6293 1204
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm), Friday (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 1am), Saturday (11am – 4pm, 6pm – 1am), Sunday (11am – 4pm), Closed on Monday
Telephone: 6293 1204

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm), Friday (12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 1am), Saturday (11am – 4pm, 6pm – 1am), Sunday (11am – 4pm), Closed on Monday
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