The Three Peacocks: Dine Al Fresco At This Affordable Seafood BBQ Buffet In Labrador Park

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It’s been ages since I wandered into Labrador Park, given my impression of it leans towards a place that smitten couples escape to for a midnight tryst or if you’re a fan of the supernatural.

But then I heard that there’s a slightly out-of-reach seafood BBQ joint that’s worth checking out, and so I did.

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The Three Peacocks got its rather adorable name from the semi-permanent peacock residents that roam the grounds freely and on occasion, diners are able to spot these majestic birds during dinner. Well, how’s that for being one with nature?

Sadly, the sky was overcast and not a single bird came out to greet hungry patrons when I was there.

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But, what did greet me was a huge selection of tantalising fresh seafood for my picking! From scallops to tiger prawns, oysters, clams, mussels and even crayfish.

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If you like a mix of seafood and meat, don’t fret, because they also offer marinated meats, such as chicken, pork, beef and even hotdogs.

For such a wide variety of seafood and meat, one would think the buffet price would be steep. However, their current promotional price (from 27 October) is just $38 (usual price is $50) per person! That’s a pretty insane deal, if you ask me.

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Additionally, if you’re a real glutton for a good deal, you can order live Boston Lobsters for an extra $20 per piece. They are a hefty size, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

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Diners can have the choice of grilling the seafood and meat on a BBQ grill atop hot coals, or cook it mookata-style, that’ll give them the extra option of having a soup base to enjoy the meal with. I went for the former. Just note that it takes a while for the coals to get burning hot, so you may have to be a wee more patient while they fire ’em up.

And yes, you can request for extra coals throughout your meal, so your grill is constantly fired up!

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What is a seafood BBQ without crabs? You can also request live crabs for your sumptuous feast. I would highly recommend you asking the kitchen to kill them and cracking the shell prior to grilling, both for convenience’s sake and to exhibit some compassion for an animal about to be slaughtered (I witnessed another table simply grilling a whole live crab and it was torturous for both me and the crab).

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After a lot of waiting and sweating (due to grilling and the heat radiating from all sides), I finally got to sit down and enjoy my seafood BBQ meal. The highlights were definitely the lobsters and prawns; the flesh was springy and sweet that I didn’t even need a dipping sauce.

I could tell the seafood was fresh from the way it effortlessly tore away from the shells, and it had a subtle briny taste. As for drinks, they do have beer bucket promotions running all night, from five-bottle Asahi buckets for $25 to pints and mixers going for $8, to beer towers at $58.

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The Three Peacocks is a place where you will need a gang of like-minded friends (who preferably drive) who don’t mind getting their hands dirty for an unforgettable meal for a great deal.

This place is the stuff of many Singaporean foodies’ dreams: seafood, satiation and o-fish-ally a steal for its price.

Expected damage: $40 – $60 per pax

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The Three Peacocks: 8 Port Road, Singapore 117540 | Tel: +65 9851 1802 | Opening hours: (Daily) 5.30pm – 1am | Website | Facebook