This TikTok account unearths the quirks in the world using Google Earth

I don’t know about you, but as someone who’s not the best at directions, Google Earth’s Street View imagery has been a saviour. Let’s be real; oftentimes, the best food isn’t served fresh to you right outside the MRT or even the nearby a convenient bus stop. It’s like they want you to put in the work to unearth it, and that includes navigating through industrial buildings and random parks.

But of course, we have people thinking out of the globe, taking exploration a tad too literally. There’s now a TikTok account with videos of people finding interesting and odd sights after zooming in incessantly on Google Earth, proving the tenet that there’s truly more than meets the eye.

From discovering the Zizkov Tower, an eerie iconic attraction in the Czech Republic with statues of crawling babies up the structure, to a horn-shaped structure in the middle of undulating green hills, this TikTok account, is our omnipresent and an adventure dream come true. I mean, with a bird’s eye view of anywhere in the world—from your neighbourhood to the most random nook in far-flung countries you can think of, curiosity can hardly stymie us from zooming in.

Hidden on Google Earth

Those who commit the crime of incessantly zooming into your friends’ faces in photographs (cue the cheugy word: unglams), you might get a laugh out of this one. Ah yes, of course, we can’t stave away the shots of people’s small mishaps, which are, unfortunately, immortalised by Google Earth and now on TikTok.

Hidden On Google Earth (1)

Google Earth now covers more than 98 per cent of the world and has captured 10 million miles of Street View imagery. What they have here could circle the globe more than 400 times, with even tools in their arsenal to view the Moon and Mars—to satisfy our desire for the great unknown. But sometimes, all we want is to crack up at something that’s absolutely random and ludicrous, so down the TikTok rabbit hole we go.

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