Tony’s Pizza: Singapore Food Review

“A Taste of New York”

tony's pizza river valley road

Located along one of the junctions of River Valley road is this new concept pizzeria that’s going to give every other Pizza outlet a run for their money. I haven’t seen good pizza in a long time, even though Singaporeans love it.

tony's pizza interior

tony's pizza - pizza making

Great New York style pizza without a massive price tag, and contemporary dining without pretension – Tony’s Pizza is an intimate pizzeria, with perennially delicious pizzas served daily due to the fact that each pizza is freshly handmade by the pizza artists for every order.

Tony's pizza form brooklyn

In case you are wondering, yes Tony is an actual person who has imparted his pizza making skills from Brooklyn to this establishment.

tony's pizza - buffalo wings

Buffalo Wings ($9.50/10 pc, $18/20 pc, $34.50/40 pc). It’s like Buffalo, New York in your mouth with these feisty buffalo wings. You are given the option of ‘Naked’, ‘Mild’, ‘Hot’ and ‘Atomic’ for the spiciness levels (‘Hot’ was too much for me).

The spice marinade has a mix of tobasco, with sour and spicy notes. The buffalo wings are also served with a saucer of blue cheese sauce to cut the heat when it gets too spicy.

tony's pizza - onion rings

Onion Rings ($8). Complement your pizza with crispy golden onion rings.

tony's pizza - custom pizza

You can make your own pizza by adding $1 per topping to the base Cheese Slice ($6.50). Our healthy custom pizza topping choices were spinach, roasted chicken and onions. All pizzas feature this delicious cheese base, which was very different from most of the other pizzas I had.

The cheese doesn’t fall off the crust like other pizzas, neither does the crust become soggy and I find the thickness just right.

tony's pizza custom

Another custom pizza with bell peppers, pineapple and pepperoni. The pizza gurus will advice you if your ingredients get too funky.

tony's pizza - meat lover

Meat Lover’s Slice ($8). Pepperoni and ham.

tony's pizza - hawaiian

Hawaiian Slice ($8). Pineapples and ham. As you noticed, the set pizzas all have pretty basic toppings and really just concentrate on the hand made crust.

tony's pizza - crust

The most outstanding feature at Tony’s Pizza is their fresh, hand-made crust, taught by the great Tony himself. The crusts of the pizzas are aren’t very thick yet packs a satisfying bite. Not exactly thin or normal crust, but somewhere in between. There are no utensils in the store and you have to devour your pizzas with your hands like a true blue New Yorker.

Folding the pizza in half and shoving it down fast appears to be the Brooklyn style of eating pizzas on the go like you’re being chased by Godzilla.

One slice might seem little, but I assure you one slice is plenty for a quick meal. The sizes are pretty big and a whole pizza is 18″ or 45 cm wide.

tony's pizza - slice of new york

Located in the central business district of Singapore with a charming New York style interior and a crew of friendly staff, Tony’s Pizza is an up and coming favourite of the local pizza crowd. Be sure to grab your pizzas early, as it may get very crowded during dinner times and weekends. This is one niche Pizzeria I highly recommend.

Tony’s Pizza also does delivery within a 1 km area of their shop, using bicycles to transport their humongous pizza.

Expected Damage: $8 – $20

Tony’s Pizza: 397 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248292 | Tel: 6777 4992 | Website