The TraceTogether App gets an update — animations & a refresh button as new features

I hate to think the worst of Singaporeans. I hate to believe that my fellow citizens would find ways to pull a fast one, and cheat the system for their own selfish gain. But time and time again, I’ve been proven wrong. And that is, indeed, why we can’t have nice things. With dining in resuming for vaccinated individuals, it’s consequential that some non-vaxxed patrons might try to sneak their way into restaurants.

The TraceTogether app before
The TraceTogether app before

With a quick update, every Singaporean’s best friend—which apparently is now the TraceTogether app—will reveal whether or not you’re the real deal with just two added features. The refresh button will surely give one away if they’re trying to use a screenshot of someone else’s app in order to enter establishments they’re not supposed to.

The TraceTogether app after
The TraceTogether app after

Also, the banner at the top now moves, displaying subtle animations so the once-static screen is now dynamic. This, coupled with the refresh button, should help to weed out the imposters, or at least deter them from even thinking about sneaking around in the first place.

A screenshot from @wakeupsingapore

This update was first pointed out by DJs Muttons In The Morning and later reposted by Instagram page @wakeupsingapore. Some speculated that this update could be to deter those looking to evade the law by flashing a screenshot of someone else’s app instead, which at this point, isn’t beneath some Singaporeans, as we’ve observed.

What are your thoughts on the update, and do you know of anyone planning to cheat their way in? Read more about anti-vaxxer sentiments when they called Gongcha’s promotion ‘discriminatory’ here.

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