Tracy Juice Culture: Fruits in curry — Innovative or too weird?

If you know about curry, you may know that you can add chocolate or cocoa powder in Japanese Curry. People do it to lend umami and a deep roasted flavour that adds richness. But what about fruits? Tracy Juice Culture has decided to add some to theirs.

Tracy Juice Culture - Main exterior

You may be more familiar with them if you’re vegetarian as Tracy Juice Culture specialises in meat- and dairy-free dishes. They have two outlets, the flagship in Fortune Centre and a branch at International Plaza.

My coworker Kai Le and I went to the former. The owner must know that it is a little cramped, as she has extra seating on the side.

Tracy Juice Culture - extra seating area

The founder, Tracy started her brand as a juice bar. That explains why juices feature so prominently on the Tracy Juice Culture menu.

At that point in time, she conducted cooking classes at hospitals and cancer treatment centres. Her priority was on healthy food with no preservatives, which benefited patients. She received feedback from patients that she should set up shop to sell her meals. While Tracy Juice Culture started selling only desserts, they soon branched out into whole meals.

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Tracy has a whole treasure trove of personal recipes, including the rather peculiar Fruit Juice Curry (S$9.90 for à la carte, S$14 for the set).

Tracy Juice Culture - Fruit Juice Curry fruit

The dragon fruit, cherry tomatoes, and grapes were out and proud on display. Intimidating as it first looks, don’t be. Tracy’s daughter, Michelle explained that they are added during plating. But that doesn’t mean she just adds fruit to the dish and calls it a day. It is specifically named “Fruit Juice Curry”, after all.

Tracy Juice Culture - Fruit Juice Curry gravy

The curry has pineapple juice blended in. Kai Le and I agreed it was the most dominant taste when trying the gravy alone. If you close your eyes, it is like drinking spicy pineapple juice. The fruits add a tangy and refreshing note to the curry.

Tracy Juice Culture - Mushroom Udon

Their bestseller item is Tracy’s Special Mushroom Udon, available in a set (S$14) and à la carte (S$9.90).

Tracy Juice Culture - Mushroom Udon mushroom soup

The Mushroom Udon uses Tracy’s own soup recipe. It’s thick like gravy, with blended-up bits of mushroom. You’ll find chopped shiitake and Tracy’s Special Mockmeat alongside the noodles.

Tracy Juice Culture - Peach Gum Cheng Teng

As part of the set, you can choose one of their desserts, which are also available individually. Your choices are Peach Gum Cheng Teng (S$6, available in hot and cold), which we ordered, and Red Bean with Lotus Seeds (S$6).

Tracy Juice Culture - Peach Gum Cheng Teng ingredients

The Cheng Teng is filled with the usual suspects of white fungus, logan and red dates. Of course, it has peach gum as well. We both agreed it was really sweet, likely because of the added honey.

If you’re up for a more adventurous but healthy diet, swing by Tracy Juice Culture. Maybe even grab some juice instead.

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Tracy Juice Culture

190 Middle Road, #01-34, Singapore 188979

Tracy Juice Culture

190 Middle Road, #01-34, Singapore 188979

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 6.15pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 6.15pm (Daily)
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