Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC: Japanese-Italian Pizza Place That’s The Only Restaurant In SG To Have World Championship Pizzaiolo Helm Its Kitchen At Craig Rd

Last Updated: February 19, 2020

Written by Wani

The fusion of Japanese and Italian isn’t necessarily new, but it certainly isn’t something that one would think as mainstream. Showing up for this culinary collaboration is Trattoria Pizzeria LOGIC, along Craig Road.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 2

The restaurant, originally from Japan, has set up a 79-seater cosy restaurant amongst the hive of restaurants and bars around Outram Park MRT. One of its proud features is the dominant brick oven that’s used to fire up piping pizzas that are uniquely Japanese-styled (and if you read on, you’ll understand why they are).

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 16

In the main dining area, a green feature wall truly gives the place a very serene feel; a place that’s meant for leisurely meals, and idle chat.

The Italian food served here harks from Naples, with Pizzaiolo Junichi Shoji, the man behind the pizza recipes. He won the prestigious Napoli Pizza World Championship 2012, an annual global contest crowning the world’s best pizza makers, which makes Trattoria Pizza LOGIC the only restaurant in Singapore to have a World Championship Winning Pizzaiolo supervising its kitchen!

Enough of the accolade name-dropping, it was time to put the pizzas to the test.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 4

My dining partner and I noticed, first of all, that there were a handful of pizzas featuring anchovies, which isn’t typical of many Italian menus here. We took a leap of faith—not having had much experience consuming anchovies on pizza—and ordered the Burro E Acciugghe (S$18).

It had mozzarella, butter, anchovies, garlic, and fresh basil, and arrived with a pale centre, surrounded by a satisfyingly crisp rim.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 5

Our first impression had us observing the generous amount of mozzarella, coupled with the flimsy nature of the slices. I appreciated that it was a thin crust pizza, but I was mildly disappointed to see how wet every slice was.

I suppose it was in our favour that a server came up to us soon enough to ask how we found our first dish. I just had to pluck up a bit of courage to say, “The pizza is a little soggy. Is that normal?” To which, she gladly responded, “The Japanese actually prefer their pizza this way. We understand that not everyone can appreciate the texture, but we wanted to stay true to how the Japanese enjoy their pizza, and yes, it’s supposed to be a little bit wetter than usual.”

Instantly, my perception changed, and I understood that I couldn’t hold a bias against the droopy pie. Texture aside, the pizza was actually superbly delicious. The naturally salty anchovies were a delightful contrast to the oozy, decadent cheese, and the entire pizza was gone in mere minutes.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 6

Besides pizza, there are also other interesting mains, like the Beef Tongue & Tomato Ajillo (S$28). It’s served in a sizzling dish with tomatoes, accompanied by warm bread slices. We needed to wait a while for the heat to die down, before we stuck our forks into the piping bowl.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 7

The beef tongue was incredibly tender; it hardly put up a fight when chewed, and almost melded with the toasted bread like a pool of warm butter. I would have never guessed it was tongue if I’d been fed blindfolded.

We made sure to wipe the bowl clean even after the tongue was all gone.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 8

We almost didn’t order their signature Margherita D.O.C (S$26) simply because we felt like there so many other appealing items on the menu. But we were persuaded by our server, insisting that it’s a must-try.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 11

The same soft base as the previous pizza showed up, and we struggled slightly with eating an entire slice without the toppings sliding off. Nonetheless, we could still taste the punchy flavours of fresh basil and Italian tomatoes, but if we had to pick between the two pizzas, we unanimously agreed, the anchovy one fared better.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 9

I’m an avid fan of pesto, so I was truly excited to have a taste of their Vongole (S$20), an item that wasn’t on the menu yet when we dined. The sauce is a pesto Genovese with an onion base, so it was immediately fragrant when it arrived at our table.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 10

If you’re more partial to a hefty portion of pasta, you’ll love their portions here; they certainly weren’t shy with the amount of pasta they placed in a single serving. But with that heavy-handedness came the imbalance of the number of clams. We could count how many there were, and felt like it was a dish that I simply couldn’t recommend.

There are also chunks of potatoes, which—I suppose—makes this an ideal dish if you’re carb-loading prior to a big race. But for any other diner, it may prove to be way too filling and cloying to finish.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 13

We managed to save just enough space for dessert, and since it’s Tiramisu (S$10), you know I can’t decline it. I believe I make pretty amazing tiramisu, and as such, I expect every tiramisu I order to meet the same or higher standards.

This one definitely hit the mark, with its creamy coffee layers, finished with a sweet punch of marsala wine. It’s always tough to simply limit yourself to a single portion of tiramisu, which is probably my biggest excuse to make an entire casserole of it for myself.

It’s great to see a Japanese-Italian eatery decide to make Singapore its home outside its native land, but what really struck me was how differently the Japanese enjoy Italian cuisine. It may take time for us to acclimatise to their odd, but adorable nuances, but I still enjoyed my meal that afternoon, no less.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$30 – S$45 per pax

Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic

20 Craig Road, Craig Place, #01-03, Singapore 089692

Our Rating 4/5

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic

20 Craig Road, Craig Place, #01-03, Singapore 089692

Telephone: +65 6226 2250
Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm (Mon to Sat), 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 10pm (Sun & PH)
Telephone: +65 6226 2250

Operating Hours: 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm (Mon to Sat), 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 10pm (Sun & PH)
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