Taiwanese restaurant True Breakfast at Cuppage Plaza closes for renovation, new branch opens at Capitol Singapore

It’s the pause of an era rather than the end of one as True Breakfast at Cuppage Plaza shuts down for a month of renovations. The popular purveyor of ‘authentic’ Taiwanese fare announced the development on its social media handles over the weekend.

true breakfast - poster announcement

26 Sep 2022 was the last day of operations for the time being at the Cuppage branch. However, fans of their delicious food need not fret; True Breakfast at Capitol Singapore throws open its doors the very next day, 27 Sep 2022!

The company has promised that the original outlet will reopen with a new layout designed to give diners a more comfortable eat-in experience in a spacious setting. It’s a move probably inspired by online feedback that there was limited seating available.

true breakfast - stack of toasts

While the renovations are being completed, you can enjoy your favourites from the Noodles, Mains, Taiwanese Omelette, Thick Toast, Toast, Snacks, and Drinks sections of the True Breakfast venue at Capitol.

true breakfast - collage of dishes

Perennial favourites such as the Pork Floss French Toast (S$7.30), Nuggets & Sausages (S$5.80) and Minced Pork Rice (S$6.80) will continue to rule the roost as you wait. The Pork Floss French Toast gets first mention because it’s a favourite of mine. The sensation of deliciously light floss dissolving on your tongue is one to relish.

I was wondering if there was a problem with Facebook’s translation of True Breakfast when researching this story as it kept giving me the cafe’s name as “First Breakfast”. Apparently not— the original name is the first Chinese character, ‘chu’, which sounds like ‘True”. I was chu-ly impressed by the play on words.

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