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umisushi: Affordable Christmas Sushi Platters From S$135 With Whole Honey BBQ Chicken + Log Cake Available For Christmas


umisushi has always been my go-to whenever I’m craving some sushi and need a quick fix. Recently, it went through a brand refresh, expanding beyond a grab-and-go sushi store.

Now, it’s a quick-service Japanese dining concept, with an extended menu selling toji (homemade egg omelette on hot plate) and ramen.

For Christmas, umisushi will be selling a wide variety of festive goodies, ranging from western savouries like Honey BBQ Chicken and Honey Baked Chicken Ham, to Rejoice Sushi Platter, and even Chocolate Fudge Log Cake.

Its affordable festive bundles start from S$135.80 and are available for pre-order from 25 November 2019 onwards. Self-collection/delivery starts from 2 December 2019 onwards, all the way through Christmas.

Yes, they deliver even on Christmas Eve and Christmas itself. How awesome!

In line with its new brand refresh, several of umisushi’s stores went through a renovation.

When I walked into its Ang Mo Kio Hub outlet, I immediately noticed the eye-catching wall decal and other wall decorations like shelves, flowers, and books, which made the space inviting and cosy. I also loved how bright it was, thanks to all the pendant lights above each table.

All of umisushi’s Christmas bundles come with a sushi platter and a log cake, but the only difference is the choice of western savouries.

The Cheery Wonder set (S$138.80) comes with Honey BBQ chicken while the Happy Wonder Set (S$135.80) comes with Honey Baked Chicken Ham.

All of the festive items are available for purchase individually as well, so if you’re hosting a larger party and require more portions of sushi, chicken, or ham, you can order via its website or at any umisushi store.

Its Rejoice Sushi Platter (S$58.80) comes with 42 pieces of sushi.

It’s super worth it, considering that the humongous platter includes maki, gunkan, mini California rolls, homemade tamago, and so much more.

Not to mention, umisushi created two new types of sushi just for Christmas: Twin Rainbow Roll, a mini California roll layered with luscious Norwegian salmon, maguro (tuna), ebi, and fresh avocado; and uramaki topped with sweet ebi.

The Twin Rainbow Roll was one of my favourite types of sushi from the entire platter. Each piece contains a mini California roll in the centre and has different toppings, such as maguro (tuna), avocado, ebi, and salmon.

What I loved about it was how unique each piece was. No two rolls were the same because of how the entire roll of sushi was cut, and I could pick and choose the rolls I liked more.

My favourite was the roll which had maguro (tuna) and avocado. The tuna was fresh, plump, and sweet, and it went perfectly with the creamy and rich avocado. Not to mention, the dollop of Japanese mayonnaise added a tangy saltiness to each bite, and I popped the entire piece of sushi into my mouth with ease.

The Honey BBQ Chicken (S$39.90) was one of the best I’ve ever tried and I would definitely order it again for my future Christmas parties.

For just S$39.90, you’ll get an entire 1.8kg chicken that had been slow-roasted in an oven, vegetable casserole, and homemade brown sauce.

I got to admit, I had some reservations about umisushi’s western savouries especially since it was a casual restaurant that focused on Japanese cuisine.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that umisushi’s Honey BBQ Chicken was juicy and succulent, even after being reheated. I sliced through the entire chicken with ease and eagerly dug into each soft slice.

While the Honey Baked Chicken Ham (S$36.90) comes with the Happy Wonder Set (S$135.80), it’s also available for purchase a la carte, and comes with cranberry sauce.

This whopping slab of ham weighs 1.5kg and can easily feed an entire family. Its meat was sweet, tender, and smoky.

Cranberry sauce and ham is such a classic and traditional Christmas pairing, and I loved how the tart cranberry sauce balanced out the smokiness from the sliced ham, making it utterly delectable.

A Christmas meal or party isn’t complete without dessert, and umisushi’s Chocolate Fudge Log Cake (S$48.80) fits the bill to a tee.

It’s made up of a soft roulade of moist chocolate sponge and layered with chocolate ganache. Rich and decadent, the log cake also had little chocolate balls, which gave a surprising crunch to every bite.

If umisushi’s Rejoice Sushi Platter isn’t enough for your Christmas party, you can also order Salmon Lovers (S$32.90), which is not available with any festive bundle and has to be ordered a la carte.

It comes with 20 pieces of fresh Norwegian salmon sashimi, which is more than enough to satisfy any sashimi lover.

Truly, umisushi has proven itself to be more than just a grab-and-go sushi store. With its new affordable Christmas bundles, it’s become a one-stop-shop for festive goodies, perfect for parties, family gatherings, and more.

umisushi’s Christmas bundles and a la carte items are available for pre-order from 25 November 2019 onwards. Self-collection or delivery starts from 2 December 2019 onwards, and will be available all the way through the busy Christmas festive period (20 – 25 December 2019).

Place your order via umisushi’s website, at any of its 18 island-wide stores, or over the phone at +65 6265 5545.

umisushi: Facebook | Website | Tel: +65 6265 5545

*This post is brought to you in partnership with umisushi.

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