Man buys viral kaya bread, shocked it came without filling

Roti Wap, also known as steamed bread, holds a cherished spot in the hearts of both Malaysians and Singaporeans as a beloved breakfast classic. This soft, pillowy bread, typically filled generously with the delectable combination of pandan kaya and butter, has long been a staple morning delight.

Regrettably, a recent incident in Malaysia involving kaya steamed bread has not only left Malaysians dismayed, but has also stirred a wave of disappointment across the internet.

Steamed Bread - example

The TikTok was posted by Faiz, a customer who was drawn in by the allure of a viral Roti Wap, showcasing what appeared to be 6 sumptuous slices of steamed bread overflowing with luscious pandan kaya filling. Intrigued and excited to savour the bread, Faiz eagerly shelled out RM11, expecting a delightful breakfast experience that would justify the price tag.

Steamed Bread - Packaging

Anticipation turned into disbelief as Faiz took his first bite. Instead of the anticipated burst of flavours from the pandan kaya and buttery goodness, he was met with a stark emptiness that mirrored the hollow centre of the bread itself. The promised filling was conspicuously absent, turning what should have been a moment of pleasure into one of letdown.

Steamed Bread - Empty

The disappointment Faiz faced has resonated with many, prompting a flurry of online discussions. Netizens have taken to various platforms to share their own experiences and opinions on the incident. 

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Among the voices chiming in, some astute netizens have humorously pointed out that attempting to recreate the Kaya-filled steamed bread in the comfort of one’s own kitchen would come at a fraction of the RM11 price tag. Another said that buying pau would be much cheaper.

Steamed Bread - Comments

As people continue to talk about this, many are asking establishments to do better, making sure their food is always good no matter what’s popular online. This situation reminds us that eating is about more than just flavours— it’s also about how we feel, what we expect, and the bond we have with the places we eat.

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