W Kuala Lumpur: Lavish suites, modern restaurants & stylish poolside bar with impressive city views

Perched directly opposite the prominent Petronas Twin Towers lies W Kuala Lumpur, a 5-star hotel situated in the heart of the city centre of Malaysia’s Capital. Whether it’s for a relaxing vacation with the family, an important business trip or a simple weekend getaway, they excel in providing the perfect experience.

W Kuala Lumpur - W Signage

W Kuala Lumpur - fit gym

Clock some daily steps on the treadmill at their 24-hour gym, or put on some sunscreen and top up your supply of vitamin D at the outdoor swimming pool. When your stomach is rumbling, head over to any of their restaurants for a relaxing dim sum lunch or a scrumptious Pan-Asian grill dinner buffet.

My experience at W Kuala Lumpur

Having previously worked in the hotel industry for 14 years, I understand the significance of first impressions. The moment we drove up to the hotel entrance, I was welcomed warmly by the bellman who opened my car door and struck up a friendly conversation, then I made my way to level 8 to check-in— what a great start!

W Kuala Lumpur - hotel lobby

As soon as the lift doors opened, I was greeted by a sophisticated fragrance, reminiscent of a spa, which immediately seduced my senses. The stylish W logo stood prominently in the middle of the lobby, donned with graffiti art designs.

The LED lights that illuminated the space resembled the fine strings of a harp, transitioning from blue in the day to pink in the evening; it was truly captivating!

W Kuala Lumpur - suite room

Stepping into the Marvelous Suite, I was immediately surrounded by an air of luxury. Besides the welcoming fruit platter, a quirky mini skateboard with a heartwarming handwritten note and scrumptious treats caught my eye.

The room is befitting for a fashionista with its funky decor and whimsical colours. It comfortably accommodates 2 pax, giving you the option of adding an extra bed for 1 more to join the party.

Take charge of the vibes you desire with the creative mood lighting options, ranging from runway (bright) to flirty (romantic).

W Kuala Lumpur - sofa

W Kuala Lumpur - quirky catchphrases

At W Kuala Lumpur, they keep things light-hearted and fun. They shy away from traditional labels and use various quirky names like ‘Bare All’’ for their shaving kit and ‘Backup Plan’ for the extra toilet roll; it made me smile.

W Kuala Lumpur - suite room

Give your body the rest it deserves on their luxurious W beds with customised pillow menus that ensure a good night’s sleep.

W Kuala Lumpur - bathtub

Draw a bath and soak up the breathtaking panoramic views of the Petronas Twin Towers or the magnificent Kuala Lumpur city skyline which the floor-to-ceiling windows offer.

W Kuala Lumpur - Spotify

Oh before I forget, W Kuala Lumpur even has their own Spotify music playlist called W Records. Put on some noise-cancelling headphones and bop your head to catchy tunes.

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W Kuala Lumpur - YEN interior

For a memorable dining experience, be sure to check out YEN which recently underwent a menu revamp on 13 Jul 2023. The restaurant serves modern dim sum dishes alongside classic Cantonese dishes.

The spot exuded Oriental palace vibes with its ceilings radiating warm, sunny tones of yellow, orange, and red, adorned with peonies that extended to the lazy Susans on the table.

W Kuala Lumpur - soft shell crab

We started our afternoon feast with the Soft Shell Crab Salad, Ice Lettuce, Fish Skin, Truffle Sauce (52RM). The earthy truffle fragrance, combined with creamy mayo, made for a perfect topping on the crispy, umami-filled soft shell crab. The ice lettuce added refreshing notes, acting as a palate cleanser.

W Kuala Lumpur - lor mai gai

Never in my life would I have imagined that glutinous rice and cheese could complement each other so well. However, after trying the Traditional Glutinous Rice, Abalone/Baked Cheese (RM36/RM48), my mind was blown.

W Kuala Lumpur - golden duck

Next, we were presented with the regal YEN Golden Duck (RM288). The whole duck looked like royalty, embellished with a layer of gold spray; making us feel like distinguished guests invited by the emperor. The service staff sliced the skin and assembled the dish like a work of art.

W Kuala Lumpur - golden duck condiments

The dish came with 2 courses. The first consisted of a fluffy bun at the bottom, topped with crispy bean curd skin and cucumbers dressed in hoisin sauce, accompanied by duck skin, lettuce, and caviar at the top. Trust me, you’ll never stop at just 1 bite.

The second was a mixture of minced duck and an array of vegetables which you can wrap with fresh Romaine lettuce; both were so delicious in their own way.

W Kuala Lumpur - spa

I found myself reaching my most relaxed state at Away Spa, located on the 13th storey. There are 6 different types of massages for you to take your pick from and I went for the Peach Out (330RM for 1 hour)

As I enjoyed my welcome drink, I completed a form stating my preferred pressure level and the specific areas for the massage therapist to focus on. I was then ushered into a space that felt like another dimension.

W Kuala Lumpur - robe

W Kuala Lumpur - spa

It was ethereal and filled with soothing music, and the whole room exuded a calming bright pink tone. The therapist was truly an artist, treating my body like a blank canvas, executing her strokes with the finesse of calligraphy as she soothed my tired joints. I walked out of the spa feeling instantly invigorated, fully prepared to embrace the rest of my day.

W Kuala Lumpur - wet deck

We chilled by the poolside and got a cocktail or two at the Wet Deck. Our eyes were treated to a mesmerising view of the Petronas Twin Towers, their lights sparkling like a million diamond gems.

W Kuala Lumpur - wet deck food and drinks

As we chatted the evening away, we indulged in the Holy Smoke Pizza (RM72) and Wings On Deck (RM52 for 6 pieces). We also ordered the Torched Salmon Sushi Roll (RM55) and Spicy Unagi Sushi Roll (RM58).

Final thoughts

W Kuala Lumpur - night scene

W Kuala Lumpur truly impressed me with its attention to detail, sincere service, lush rooms, delicious food, and top-notch facilities— truly deserving of its 5-star rating.

Not to mention, it looks incredibly cool, especially in the evenings, with its signature purple and pink lights illuminating the entire building (my camera couldn’t get enough).

W Kuala Lumpur will undoubtedly be my top choice when I return to KL!

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W Kuala Lumpur

121, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50450

W Kuala Lumpur

121, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50450

Telephone: +6032 786 8888
Telephone: +6032 786 8888