Wak Nasi Campur: 75-year-old atok sells authentic Malay kampung dishes from his car

For the past 11 years, 75 year-old Mohammad Sharif has been feeding the hungry bellies of Subang Jaya from the inside of his Proton. Everyday, he parks his car right outside the parking entrance of Wisma Consplant in Subang Jaya to set up his business, Wak Nasi Campur. If you were passing by, you’d probably see the herd of office workers standing under the hot sun before you even notice the red car.

Wak Nasi Campur - Mohammad Sharif

Those who work nearby flock to atok’s car as soon as he opens shop. With over 20 types of lauk to choose from, it’s no wonder that his nasi campur is everyone’s go-to meal. According to FMT Lifestyle, Mohammad Sharif wakes up at 7am to cook, and his dishes typically sell out before 2pm

Wak Nasi Campur - Customers surrounding the car

Wak Nasi Campur - Customers lining up

When we arrived around 12pm, we were shocked at the sheer number of people who were already queueing up. The line was confusing at first, but after a while it was clear that it snaked around the car, starting from the front left passenger seat.

What I tried at Wak Nasi Campur

Wak Nasi Campur - Variety of dishes

I was amazed at the amount of lauk containers that fit in his car.

Wak Nasi Campur - Dishes in car boot

To maximise the limited space, the dishes are placed on the front passenger seat, and cover the entirety of the back seats. It doesn’t end there though, as you’ll find even more in the trunk.

Wak Nasi Campur - Rice with catfish, eggplant and pumpkin

I decided to get ikan keli goreng sambal, terung sambal, and a piece of labu masak lemak with some of the kuah. This came up to RM6. We were all surprised by how affordably priced this was— no other nasi campur stall in the Klang Valley would charge the same amount.

Wak Nasi Campur - Rice with squid and cabbage

For the other meal, we chose sambal sotong, fried chicken, cabbage, and some spicy gravy. Even with the seafood (which would typically cost a bomb in other places), this pack was priced at RM9.

Wak Nasi Campur - 2 packs of rice

In total, I paid RM15 for 2 packed rice meals. If you live around KL or PJ, you know that this is completely unheard of.

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Wak Nasi Campur - Pouring gravy onto rice

Long story short, this was an extremely satisfying meal, especially given the price. The labu masak lemak paired well with fluffy rice. It has just the right amount of santan to give it that whole and creamy taste that’s strongly associated with masak lemak, without feeling too heavy. The pumpkin itself was soft, and provided even more creaminess to the dish.

Wak Nasi Campur - Catfish

The lemak-ness of the dish went hand in hand with the spicy catfish and eggplant. The meat of the fish was soft and didn’t have a fishy or hanyir smell to it. However, there wasn’t enough sambal coating the fish to give it a distinct taste. 

On the other hand, the sambal used in the eggplant dish was equal parts spicy and savoury, creating a perfect balance with the creamy masak lemak gravy. The eggplant was also cut into thin slices, allowing the vegetable to be cooked evenly. 

Wak Nasi Campur - Fried chicken

As for the other pack of rice, the fried chicken, although already cold when we started eating, was extremely tender. We could taste the seasoning even when biting into just the flesh.

Wak Nasi Campur - Squid

The most impressive lauk to me though, was the sambal sotong. Most places tend to overcook or undercook their squid, but this atok is clearly a very skillful chef. The squid was soft and easy to chew, and the spicy sauce ensured that no bite was bland or boring. However, the sauce may be too spicy for some.

Final thoughts

Wak Nasi Campur - Dishes in the back seat

This place is absolutely worth the visit if you live or work nearby. Extremely affordable while still maintaining the authenticity of Malay kampung dishes, it’s clear that Mohammad Sharif does what he does out of the kindness of his heart and pure passion. I can definitely see myself going back, especially on days when I don’t know what to eat for lunch.

Here are some tips if you plan on visiting. Firstly, I highly encourage you to bring your own container there, as only styrofoam boxes are provided. Second, be mindful— most of his customers are office workers who are just there to tapau food and go, so be quick in selecting your side dishes. Lastly, be sure to have cash on hand!

Expected damage: RM5 – RM10 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Wak Nasi Campur

Wisma Consplant 1, Jalan Kemajuan Subang, SS16, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 47500

Our Rating 5/5

Wak Nasi Campur

Wisma Consplant 1, Jalan Kemajuan Subang, SS16, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 47500

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 1.30pm (Mon to Thu)

Operating Hours: 11.30am - 1.30pm (Mon to Thu)